Author: Alison Cordero

Because Soccer Roots Run Deep

Kicking around a ball with friends from the moment you get to stand on your own two feet, they say that’s when it starts. But in certain corners of the world the case is more profound. In those places, soccer is not a sport a kid takes up just because their parents enjoy it, because their friends are doing it or because they need an after school activity. To them soccer is everything, they wake up to it, go to school with it, come back home and talk about it at dinner tables, are out in the streets or...

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Old School Cool And 2014’s Concert Tours

My music playlist houses a track to anything and everything. Yet, in the pit of my stomach, I believe I was either born in the wrong generation or I lived a previous life or something. As a 90’s kid, I grew up with the typical baby faced boy banders and overexposed teen girls singing and dancing. I will admit I loved listening to them and I still do in a sense. So before continuing, I must put this out there, good music is still debuting today, but to me there is nothing like classic rock. A lot of classic...

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A Case for Thanksgiving Day

On the fourth Thursday of every November, thankfully without fail, my dinner table is ornate with mashed potatoes, rice, corn, beans, honey roasted ham, my abuelita’s  special stuffing  (which I must say tastes better than it looks) and of course a roasted turkey seasoned with adobo. For over a century this particular day is celebrated as a national holiday here in the U.S., and was adopted by my parents when they first came here from Ecuador in the mid 80’s. With a day designated for the observance of gratuity, provided that each and every one of us has reasons...

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Popular Chocolate Bars in the World

The chocolate bar is perhaps the most thought about snack during the day. Sure we each have cravings for different delightful foods, but for those of us with a sweet tooth, the chocolate bar does the trick. The handy, grab and go, sit and type, munch and observe, all around efficient treat is available everywhere. Great thing is that there is always something for anyone to munch on: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut buttery, caramel coated, jelly filled, slightly minted, coconut shredded, I can go on and on. As I know much about the candy bars available...

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Of Baseball And An American Summer

As a child, my baseball activities were pretty much limited to TV broadcasts and the grass my father neatly mowed in the back of our Queens home. A bunch of us kids just gathered Frisbees as 1st 2nd 3rd and home bases. Our four collective mitts and one bat were in constant rotation, and a 9-player team was reduced to 4. Needless to say, besides the few accidents with the bat (unfortunately our resources prevented us from the safety of a catchers mask and cups for the boys), those scorching 90-something degree New York memories are some of my...

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