Author: Busra Kurban

Port Everglades Will Purchase New Cranes

Port Everglades seaport, located in Broward County, Florida, is South Florida’s main economic powerhouse. In Fiscal Year 2016, Port Everglades produced nearly $30 billion in total economic activity, which also directly generated $500 million in salaries, and $1 billion in state and local taxes. During the same year, Port Everglades cargo lines provided service to 150 ports in 70 countries, and moved more than 1 million TEU’s (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units.) Most recently, Port Everglades seaport was approved by the Broward County Commission to purchase three new low-profile cargo cranes. The low-profile Super Post Panamax gantry cranes are required to...

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The New Silk Road’s First Freight Train From U.K To China

This past Monday, April 10, 2017, marked a historic moment in logistics history, when the first-ever freight train departed the United Kingdom en route to China. A new direct route from the United Kingdom to China has been established under the collective initiative known as the new “Silk Road.” China has established a new trade route between the United Kingdom and China, with a train loaded with British goods. After approximately a three-month pause, the return leg of the new Silk Road has finally reached its final destination of Yiwu, in the eastern province of Eastern China. The 7,500...

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Chinese New Year -The Most Impactful Holiday In The Shipping Industry

2017’s Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rooster, and the most important traditional Chinese Holiday. As an annual tradition, migrant workers from Chinese factories use this time to travel home and spend this holiday with their families and loved ones. For most factories in China, the Lunar New Year is the only holiday throughout the year that allows workers to take time off, so all companies that do business with China are affected by this major holiday. Failing to properly prepare for Chinese New Year historically results in heavy losses for your import business. Increasing inventory and planning...

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Shipment Delays

Transit time is one of the most critical factors in logistics as goods must be delivered at their intended destination at the right time. The total time taken from pick up to delivery of goods thus has significant impact on the business. Transit is important for buyers who need to use the product being delivered to satisfy various needs at the right. Transit time affects the transportation costs that the buyers incur. It can thus be noted that longer times used in transporting the goods are always associated with high logistic expenses. Customers should thus be aware of the...

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Big Changes in the World of Maersk’s Remote Container Management

Recently, many changes have happened in Maersk Line Inc. Among them is the company’s decision to neglect its former reefer container management system for a remotely controlled management system. According to the company’s CEO, many factors compelled the management into making this important decision. First was the company’s need to address the increasing number of complaints from their customers about damaged cargo. With the former container management system, the company would pay millions of dollars to customers as compensation for destroyed cargo every year. The damage of cargo would include breakages, rotting of perishable goods and losses through piracy....

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