Author: Feray Yuksekbas Kavas

Alliance Delays Causing Issues for Shippers

The shipping industry will see major changes take place when the two new alliances become effective in April 1st. That’s when the major container steamship lines will combine their strength and power into two “alliances” with vessel-sharing agreements to carry each other’s containers. Shippers will be facing particularly fewer direct port calls, and may encounter disruptions and delays at the ports on that kick-off date because of the delays in announcing the details on new alliance operations. According to JOC and other media sources, these new alliances will mean less direct port calls available to the shippers. Trans-Pacific trade...

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Ride with MTS for Autism Was Great Success

On Saturday, June 11th, we had our Annual Bike event that benefits Autism Awareness. We are very proud that this is our 6th year we have done the bike event. During previous years our focus was to bike for a greener world and had 15,000 trees that were planted. This year we biked to benefit Autism Awareness. The event was a great success as 118 bikers joined us to raise awareness and money for the Autism Charity, Spectrum Works. For each biker that participated, MTS donated to Spectrum Works, a charity that empowers individuals with autism by helping them...

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Today the terminals are under pressure to perform better than ever. Every single stage of supply chain is under pressure financially and that makes turnaround times for vessels critical at the berth. With the massive vessels addition to the current shipping market, it is expected to add revolutionary results into the global trade, making the international trade easier, more cost effective, and more products will be reachable universally. In the 1950’s the vessels capacity was about 500 – 800 TEU’s where by 1980’s it has increased up to 4500 TEUs. And today with mega Triple E vessels. the capacity...

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Differences between 3PL and 4PL

I realized increasingly within supply chain industry the use of different level of PL terminology as part of their supply chain operation. And recently we keep hearing 3PL and 4 PL terminologies more and more. In this article we discuss the differences between 3PL and 4PL. Before we look into what may differentiate 4PL form 3PL we need to understand the PL terminology. First PL would be the owner of the cargo , this could be the consignee or the shipper and they within the organization control the distribution type , origin and destination. Second PL involves the carriers...

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Agreement Reached at West Coast Ports; what is next?

After a long 9 months of work slowdown, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and West Coast Port employers have finally reached to a tentative 5 year agreement. Because of the labor standoff, the West Coast ports productivity reached as low as its half capacity.  This caused serious delays since November.  It also caused an enormous backlog of cargo vessels that were anchored out of West Coast ports and waiting to be discharge. A total of 29 West Coast ports handle about $1 trillion of global trade annually, and these ports are responsible around 43.5 percent of the United...

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