Author: Ferhat Celik

Business Alliances in the Shipping Industry

Logistics alliances are becoming commonplace business arrangements, and now they are spreading, as a way of lowering distribution and storage operating costs. For many manufacturers and vendors, these ventures offer opportunities to dramatically improve the quality of customer service. There are different types of alliances, such as arrangements between two service providers, and those between two product marketers. The outsourcing of transportation or warehousing requirements to a specialist is, of course, a common everyday standard. What is unusual about the relationships described here is the parties combine their operations to obtain mutual benefits. A typical format for an alliance is...

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Unmanned Vessels – Navigation Through Intelligence in Networks

Unmanned cargo ships are ships without a human captain and crew that are navigated remotely by a shore-based command and control center. This trend has existed for long time in aviation, and both bus and large, land-based transportation companies are in the development stages to implement unmanned vessels. In the future, we expect shipping companies will increasingly focus on business management and utilization of an unmanned fleet of cargo ships. In the near future, ship navigation and movement during sea-passages will be performed without a crew on-board, with automation and remote control monitoring to ensure all systems on board are...

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Nuclear Powered Merchant Vessels

Ship development throughout history has been erratic, having been extremely slow during some periods and surprisingly fast at other times. Resistance to technological advances has delayed many ship improvements. The United States throughout its maritime history has shown great foresight with innovations and technological improvements, but then failed to carry on their development, leaving others to reap the advantages of these developments. The nation has failed to provide the merchant marine the steady attention it should receive. Their impressive periods were those when circumstances seemed most severe and unfavorable. Their too frequent lapses have been caused not by opposition,...

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Costly Hurricanes and Their Impact on Economy and Trade

Hurricane Matthew is over, the former hurricane turned post-tropical cyclone, which killed at least 34 in the U.S. and more than 1000 in Haiti, has died out. In preparation for the storm, container traffic on the east coast ceased as ports closed in anticipation of wind damage and dangerous sea conditions. At one point, Hurricane Matthew was sustaining winds of 140 mph and showed signs of strengthening. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina declared states of emergency and ordered mandatory evacuations in coastal regions, jamming highways halting cargo on truck routes. And the U.S. Coast Guard restricted vessel...

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