Author: Mark Mantaring

India Speeds Up Their Imports Through New Program

Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT), located in Nhava Sheva, India, which loads more than 70% of the containers passing through the 12 major ports in India, is getting improvements in efforts to speed up its import and export functions. The port and government will be implementing a program that will impact container dwell times and port productivity. That being said, these improvements will fix congestion and reduce transit time for faster delivery, which will expand shipper interest in shipping in and out of India. JNPT and customs authorities have coordinated a delivery program called DPD – Direct Port Delivery services – to...

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How will the Shipping Alliances fare in 2017?

As the New Year of 2017 coming upon us, so, too, is for the battle for the US trade. As the three major shipping alliances – The Alliance (Hapag Lloyd, K-Line, MOL, NYK Line and Yang Ming), Ocean Alliance (CMA-CGM, Cosco Shipping, Evergreen Line, Orient Overseas Container Line) and the 2M (Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Line) – these alliances will be in fierce competition with each other due to overcapacity and weak demand for the US import market. Starting by April 2017, since the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) approved The Alliance as the last group for a major vessel sharing...

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Automated Ports in the United States

Technology is everywhere around us. It’s in our phones, computers, cars, TVs and now even in the home. Automation is replacing human-propelled systems and manufacturing in many industries across the world. It’s no different for the shipping industry where automated systems are moving into huge ports such as Rotterdam. There are many benefits in automated ports. For one, it has the potential to be much safer, but also to increase efficiency when loading and unloading massive container ships. More efficiency in getting cargo on and off translates directly to more money saved for carriers. Why, then, has the United...

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What ‘Brexit’ Means for Global Trade

On June 23, 2016 millions of United Kingdom citizens across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland flocked to polling places to cast their monumental votes of “Remain” or “Leave”. This vote was one of the most monumental voting decision in history as voters made a weighty verdict to either remain in the European Union, or to leave. The following day, on June 24th, it was announced that the United Kingdom would begin a two-year long process to exit the EU. While Scotland and Northern Ireland voted almost unanimously to remain a member of the EU, England voted the opposite,...

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For weeks of discussion, as of today CMA-CGM, China-Cosco Shipping, Evergreen Line and OOCL has announced its formation of the Ocean Alliance. The main reason for this alliance is to compete between the two largest global container lines, the 2M – Maersk and MSC in which they control over 27.7 percent of the overall global container capacity. The combined quartet would now control over 23.5 percent of the global fleet. Now the Ocean Alliance and 2M alliances would control over 51.2 percent of the global container ship capacity. This creation of the Ocean Alliance is the second major news...

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