Author: Peter Yang

Impacts of Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiated under former U.S. President Barack Obama, is a multinational pact between Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei. Though the TPP was never passed by U.S. Congress, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to officially withdraw the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as he had pledged to do during his campaign. Withdrawal from the TPP is seen as a win for most labor groups, because they believe withdrawal would help alleviate the loss of manufacturing jobs and lower wages in our nation. The labor...

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How Self Driving Vehicles Could Hurt the Auto Industry

There is a saying that those who does not change, adapt, evolve, will be left in the dust. Words that best put it, said Nokia’s CEO: “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” These are the last words from Nokia CEO during the 2013 announcement that they had been acquired by Microsoft. It gives a glimpse of what change does to you. Nokia used to own majority of smartphone market, not until Apple came out with the new innovation of the iPhone during 2007 that took majority of the market by storm. They became one of the...

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Clear Sailing with Federal Maritime Commissions (FMC) Supply Chain Innovation Team Initiative

Clear Sailing with Federal Maritime Commissions (FMC) Supply Chain Innovation Team Initiative It was not too long ago, a year or two ago that the port strike in the west coast that had months of delays and congestions. Thus resulting in billions and billions of dollars lost due to goods were stuck at ports which disrupted flow of good across the country. There were numerous of complaints had been filed with no avail as if you were speaking air. Even though the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) felt the duty to take action, but felt it would not have had...

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Is low oil price a good thing? The impact of declining oil price on now and future

The reason why oil prices are low is not because demand is low, but because the oil industry is saturated with over supply. The impact of over supply is causing such a dent on the price that even general higher demand for oil during winter season isn’t really affecting the price at all. Weeks ago, oil prices fell below $37 a barrel down from its 2014 peak over $100. According to analysts, it has potential is go even lower. What are the factor behind these low prices? The obvious reason and simple explanation is because supply is more than its...

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The Future of shipping: Teleportation in shipping

Imagine shipping your goods in a matter seconds, no need for air plane or cargo ships. As in the popular scientific thriller star trek, you may had seen teleporting from one location to another location instantaneously. It is pretty far fetch idea, but so as many other thing such flying crafts, the internet, cloning was once a far fetch idea, look at us now.  Currently, we can arguably say how impossible this sounds, but let say given the right conditions and circumstances that this becomes an reality in the near or distant future. Let just look at this strictly...

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