Author: Serkan Kavas

2017 Brief Outlook for Containerized Imports

After years of struggles, huge losses (12 of the top 25 operators lost $13 billion in the third quarter of 2016), and bankruptcies, 2017 kicked off with full speed for Asia containerized imports. One of the biggest contributors to this was the Chinese New Year falling on an earlier date this year. It almost combined with the Christmas season, and helped keep the volumes at higher levels in a traditionally slow season when many companies are busy with inventory, and most of the shipping plans used to be delayed for January. This was not the case in 2017. Importers were busy with...

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Container Shipping: Summary of 2016 and Brief Expectations for 2017

2016 has been a year with many challenges and surprises – some expected and some not. The consolidation of the carriers was expected and I stressed this in my article earlier this year. The financial stress has been going on for a while and it was expected that one or more carriers would go under. It was also suggested at my earlier articles and some of my colleagues mentioned the same later in the year. Overall when I look back, I see that we have guessed many things right. It is especially important during such turbulent times. At this...

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The Financial Distress Of The Container Shipping Industry

There has been a lot going on in the container shipping industry for the past few years and for the past year, dramatic changes occurred. Financially, most of the steamship lines have been suffering and especially small, niche carriers have suffered the most. In order to survive and keep competing in the market they had to form alliances. That’s why for the past year we saw many alliances were created .Starting with the rejection of P3 alliance attempt by CMA-CGM, MAERSK AND MSC now we have many different alliances in the market to increase the competitive advantage and cut...

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2016 Brief Outlook for Freight Industry and Containerized Imports from Asia

2015 was a year of many challenges. LA port slowdown led to one of the worst congestion in years. It had direct effect on all supply chain. East coast ports did record numbers and some importers divided their shipments even after the situation in LA became normal. It was a good lesson for everybody. Due to The major gap between supply and demand freight rates hit to rock bottom in Transpacific and Europe trades. And especially after second quarter the slowdown of Chinese economy affected and is still affecting the container industry.  2016 will be another challenging year this...

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Tired of fluctuating rates from Asia? Can not keep up with constant rate changes?  Can not foresee what your freight cost will be like even in 10 days especially during traditional so called peak seasons? Well, you are not alone. Especially Transpacific trade is notorious with rate fluctuations. I explained the reasons behind constant rate changes from Asia on my previous blog posts. That’s why I won’t get into its details here. However, if you like you can read the article from in order to refresh your memory. Rather I would like discuss Fix Rate deals. Fix rates are yearlong...

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