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Reading People’s Minds


Understanding people is a key to success in any part of life, from business to personal relationships. However what people say could often be very different from what they are really thinking or feeling. That’s why you can never rely on words alone. Learning the secrets of non verbal communication could help you to get inside others heads, emotions and allow you to uncover what they may be hiding from you or even themselves.

Let’s take a look at the most common body language signs:

1. Eye movement 

A famous Russian author said ”the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. It’s a fact that our eyes often betray our hidden emotions and attitudes. When one looks up to the left it means that brain is imaging or creating something. Sometimes it indicates fabrication, lying or simply not knowing the answer and taking a guess. Meanwhile trying to recall something familiar would take eyes upwards and right. Constantly moving eyes from side to side could be a sign of nervousness, dishonestly or distractions.

2. Arms and hands position

Crossed arms usually represents defensiveness or negative attitude. Open palms on the other side can mean acceptance, trustworthiness and openness. Hands

stuffed in pockets or kept behind the back are movements of deceit.

3. Legs position 

Generally in the seated conversation people tend to direct their knees towards point of interest. Vice versa is true also, legs angled away indicate disinterest and willingness to talk short and move on.

4. Head position

The position of the head is one of the quickest giveaways to mood and attitude. There is a direct correlation between how we feel and how we hold our head.

Head straight up projects a neutral attitude about what is being said. When the head is lifted high with the chin jutting forward it signals superiority, fearlessness or arrogance.  Tilting the head to the side is a submission signal of interest. When the chin is down, that means a negative, judgemental or aggressive attitude exists.

5. Mirroring 

Mirroring is an important secret because it occurs naturally when people are building a positive rapport and by deliberately doing it you can send an encouraging message that strengthens the developing relationship.

6. Voice

Tone of voice reflects emotions and mood. It may also carry social information, as in a sarcastic, superior, or submissive manner of speaking. People who speak with high pitched voices leave the notion of deficient poise and anxiety. People with low pitched voices leave the notion of self-assurance and composure.

Do not underestimate the importance of body language because knowing it could help you not only reading people’s mind but demonstrate self-confidence, sincerity and control. Be aware and practice. Becoming a master of body language can help you in every area of your life be it personal or professional. Remember that communication is the key! They better of a communicator that you are, the more places you will be able to get your foot in the door. Once your there, understanding the non-verbals could be the defining thing that gets you the sale or that pretty girl/guy number.


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December 13, 2013 By Anna Lunicheva


5 thoughts on “Reading People’s Minds”

  1. Great article Anna, sometimes it is much more important the way and how we say something than what the message really contents… In adittion, to have good skills in non verbal communication can lead you up to the right path. Well said. I´ll try to use asap in order to achieve my goals in many fields haha.

  2. Good job Anna! very nice article. … now i m happy that everyday we talk on the phone so you can not ,, read,, our minds :p

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