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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Shipping Containers

There are over seventeen million shipping containers in the world. Have you ever wondered where they go when their time is up? There are several amazing ways one can utilize these steel structures at the end of their voyaging life. The abundance and relative cheapness (some sell for as little as $900) of containers during the last decade has made them attractive to architechts, artists and designers worldwide. 

1. Build a house

This shipping container house was constructed in San Antonio for use as a summer house, entertainment and guest quarters in an artist community. The owner selected this container specifically for its stunning blue color.
Why stop at one house, why not build a whole Container City? London did it! Container City homes are especially popular with artists who can rent a container home for as little as £250 a month (though the containers in the prime locations and with the best windows go for as much as £1,500).
Inside a Container City apartment in London. Not too shabby, eyh?
Shipping containers built into 1000 units in Amsterdam, offering students an affordable alternative in a tough real estate market. If this was created in New York City, students would be lining up to rent a "box".
What is more appropiate as an office space for a logistics company than a container office..? It's something to think about.
Simple and efficient!

 2. Swimming pool

This out of the ordinary swimming pool is called The Badeschiff, created from recycled cargo containers and is floating on the river Spree in Berlin.
3. Portable business   
This little coffee shop brings a whole new meaning to coffee on the go!
Container Bar/Restaurant
This is a traveling eco-exhibit and restaurant conceived by artist Joost Bakker, and it aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, made from shipping containers and straw bales. It even grows some of its own food on the rooftop. This restaurant stays true to the spirit of it’s containers by traveling from city to city all around the world.

4. Playgrounds

This Container Treehouse creation is still in the works in Stuttgart, Germany.


This Children's Activity Center is made out of four large shipping containers and gives kids in Melbourne, Australia a fun place to play.
Picnic huts made out of shipping containers on Governors Island in New York

5. Observatory for a Panoramic View

This scenic observatory, called OceanScope or ContainerScope, is created from three old shipping containers in New Songdo City, Incheon, South Korea. The containers were placed in 10, 30 and 50 degrees inclination to offer different points of view of one of the largest ports in the country.


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