3 Things That the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Forced Us to Explore


The coronavirus pandemic has transformed how we communicate, work, shop, eat, and travel. It has affected our lives on unprecedented personal and professional levels. Certainly, these are not “normal” times. And yet, societies continue to move forward.

For organizations, the pandemic made it crystal clear that organizational culture is key.

As many know, holding people accountable can be very challenging when employees work remotely. In order to create a better future for an organization, investing in a strong organizational culture is essential. Having clear and sensible norms and expectations regarding working from home and working after hours can help to maintain company culture, because it functions as an invisible hand, driving certain behaviors even when no one is watching. We are indeed going through uncertain times and it may cause a different level of stress in our professional and personal lives. Having those cultures also morale during the pandemic.

The pandemic has also forced a hard look at some business practices – and has drove change.

In the meantime, the pandemic has pulled the curtain back on outdated business practices and revealed important questions that organizations ask themselves to create a better future. For instance, “Do we really need an office?” or “What would be an ideal world of work in the future?” The faster organizations internalize these questions, the more of a competitive advantage they will have in the future.

Finally, and most importantly, the pandemic has forced every one of us to look at ourselves.

Lastly, don’t forget self-care. Practicing self-care, to improve some aspect of your well-being, is especially important in stressful times. Take care yourself and your organization. This has been more important than ever during COVID-19 has we have not had access to the same support systems and individuals we are used to.