7 Most Unusual and Creative Buildings


Everyday we experience how developing technology is changing the environment that we live in. When bright ideas blend with technology and financial sources nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to the architectural and construction industry. We see visible results in the changing landscape. Every building becomes a sculpture in itself. It becomes an attraction rather than an ordinary building, in which it becomes the talk of the town. I believe creativity is the major ingredient for a building or sculpture to be remarkable, unforgettable, and spectacular. As a tourist, I am enthralled by the uniqueness of these sculptures and have found myself needing to captivate them in pictures.

Although I have yet to see the following buildings myself, please embark on this journey with me as I show you my top 7 most unusual and creative buildings I wish to one day see:

1 .Solar Ark:

The Solar Ark located in Gufi, Japan is for sure a crowd stopper. Not only does it captivate with its different look, but it is also environmentally friendly. This is an impressive 630 kW solar-collecting building that kicks off over 500,000 kWh of energy every year. The interesting fact about this building is that it is made out of recalled monocrystalline cells, because of the substandard produced by Sanyo. It can be said that the Solar Ark was born out of a mistake but I guess that in this case it worked out.

2. Upside Down House

This is the Upside Down House located in Poland, in the small village of Szymbark. This house is not only a major tourist attraction but it is also a symbol of the Communist era. It was built by a Polish businessman in a total of 114 days! After a few minutes inside this house, visitors often complain of mild seasickness and dizziness which may be caused by the strange angles of the walls. However, to me– it is absolutely worth visiting!

3. The Basket Building:

The Basket Building is located in Ohio, USA. It may be hard to believe but–Yes! this is an actual office building. The building is home to The Longaberger Corporate, manufacturer of handcrafted maple wood baskets. The 7 story building was an idea of Dave Longaberger, who is also the founder of the company. From the bottom it is 192 ft. long by 126 ft. wide, while at the roofline it spreads to 208-ft. long by 142-ft. wide. It is such a magnificent sight!

4. The Dancing House

The Dancing House is located in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. The actual name of the building is Nationale-Nederlanden . The building is a great example of unusual architecture. It reflects a woman and man dancing together , which is how it was nicknamed The Dancing House. Construction is from 99 concrete panels, each of different shape and dimension, requiring a unique wooden form. The building was designed in 1992 and completed in 1996. Because of its very non-traditional design, The Dancing House has become one of most photographed buildings.

5.The Piano Building:

China continues to amaze people, not only with its economy but now with its architectural style as well. The Piano House is one of the most amazing structures that was recently built in An Hui Province, China. Inside, the transparent violin has the staircase to the piano house. In my opinion, this can be considered the perfect combination of music and art.

6. Cubic Houses:

The Cubic Houses are located in Rotterdam , Netherlands. The original idea of these cubic houses came about in the 1970s and were developed by Piet Blom. Even though it is not easy to believe, The Cubic Houses offer three levels of living area. The triangle-shaped lower level contains the living room space. The windows on this level open onto the environment below due to the slope of the tilted cube. The middle level contains the sleeping area and a bathroom, while the top level, also in a triangular shape, is used as either an extra bedroom or a living space.

7. Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is located in Montreal, Canada . This building complex is considered an architectural landmark and is also one of the most famous and significant buildings in Canada. It was designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safie. The apartment complex was Safie’s attempt at redesigning urban living. Even though it looks like an apartment building, each unit has its own rooftop garden located on each of the below neighbor’s roof.