8 Awesome Billboards


Advertisements aim to leave an impression on you, through images, messages and creativity. It’s ultimate goal is to convince you to take action and do something. Some ads, whether it is on tv or on billboards, can be pretty cool,  and you might find yourself  enjoying watching them. Let’s admit that there is no escape from advertisements nowadays, on TV, radio, publications you read, evens the apps you download on your phone. No matter how much you run away, they will find you, and reach you in some way. My favorite type of  ads are the ones on billboards, as they have to be fun, creative and really clever in order to generate a notable buzz with a glance.

If billboard ads are used strategically, with a strong message at the right location, it will be very effective. When something catches our eye, we tend to talk about it right. Well, here are the some examples of ads that got a lot of people talking…:

This is a BIC razor billboard, and it has nothing but a small logo on it, and a giant razor cutting the grass. Oh, how powerful razor that must be..

The Economist came up with this brilliant billboard ad, triggered by a motion sensor. I wonder if it really makes you feel enlightened when you walk by..

Who else but Nike can be successful with a transparent billboard, with just a tiny logo in the corner? So simply, yet so effective!

This advertisement for teeth strengthening tooth paste leaves you with the impression that the product will make your teeth strong enough to chew through steel.

A producer of a tape company in Malaysia trusts its product enough to leave words out of their ad. This simple billboard is self explanatory.

If you’re wondering, this is an ad created by a gym in the process of being built. It certainly gets your attention, and you might start thinking that one day your workouts will pay off and you’ll be as strong as this guy!

You may think this is a scene from a Jackass movie, but it’s just another creative billboard that makes you talk about it when you see it.

This is not just an ordinary one. Take a look good look, read the words. If you still don’t see it, take a couple more seconds and read it again. Now let’s be honest, have you been drinking today..?  I’m just kidding of course, but this ad makes you think doesn’t it?

All these ads were created by professional agencies in order to create a big buzz about the respective products, and I have saved my favorite one for last. This ad is the hardest to forget, and I don’t think the owners spend a huge amount of money on it. In my opinion, this is the most effective ad, because it sticks with you and you don’t forget it.

A plumbing company came up with this creative way to market their services. And isn’t advertising all about creating a buzz and making people talk about you? Well AIM Electrical & Plumbing Services did that very well..