A New Year For Daily Resolutions


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day are supposed to be the time, when everyone starts new, and makes big changes in their lives from the previous year or years. It seems to me that this day always turns into the day when people make resolutions and promises to themselves and others, that they didn’t think of all year or thought of and for whatever reasons decided to put them off until the next year. This has always been funny to me because there are not many things that are important in life that you can put off and ignore for a whole year! If we continue to ignore ourselves and disregard the things that we should be doing on a daily basis to improve ourselves and our lives, we will never accomplish those things that we think of only when there is a deadline of the year ending.

Most things, life changing things that are important usually take time and can’t be fulfilled in one day of proclaiming to the world while drinking a glass of expensive bubbly, “it’s a new year so I’m going to do better and make major changes!” Most of us have good intentions and on this day they all seem to come to the surface and spill out into the universe when the Ball drops in Times Square… but as soon as the confetti clears, those big wishes and promises fade just as fast as the second hand on the clock ticking and ticking and ticking.

Time after time we wish and hope for changes and more success for the upcoming year, but we fail to realize that we can speed up those wishes and dreams if we only took the first step and start working on them sooner rather than later. I know it’s hard to stay focused sometimes on a goal that may seem like it’s going to take forever to accomplish, but if we really want to be better and do better, we have to start with the smallest and most simple of tasks…Thinking about what we want, everyday! My mother in law always says “You got to think high to rise!” and that is something so true and so simple that we all can do…Daily. I think we all underestimate the power of positive thinking and what it can do to give you a better fighting chance to change our lives and help us reach some of the personal goals we have set. Now I’m going to say this “Think it, believe it, and achieve it!” No more excuses when the clock strikes 12, we have all the tools we need! So this year on New Year’s eve I say we all make the same resolution. Let’s not put off until the end of the year, things that we need to think about and do every day! It’s almost time! Happy New Year!

this year on New Year’s Eve I say we all make the same resolution… Lets not put off til the end of the year, things that we need to think about and do every day! Happy New Year!