Author: Kendra Pajevic

Scenic Hudson River Valley

Ever drive the same locations over and over again, but yet this time the panoramic view caught your eye? It’s some of these nearby destinations in New York, that we take for granted but if we actually give ourselves the time to take in these breath-taking views, you will be amazed of the amazing landmark destinations that we are surrounded by. Take for example, the Hudson River Valley, not only is it an incredible scenic view in itself but it’s surrounded with many other equally as incredible scenic landmarks. The Hudson Valley gained its popularity in the 19th century...

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Psych for Thought

For as long I can remember, one of my biggest passions is all things psychology.  From understanding the developmental stages of a person to the world of psychopathology, it never seizes to fascinate me. People and the stories that uniquely shape who they are; are one of the many reasons I entered into the Mental Health Counseling field. And of course year after year of studying the field, I am constantly exposed to the many theories that lead to where Psychology is today. Finally having to decide on a theoretical perspective to conclude my final research, I have come...

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Finding The Great Locations To Hangout With Friends

One of my favorite things to do when I have some free time is to meet with up with friends and catch up on our “current events” that our mid-twenties are bringing us. And why not play catch up over a meal?  Discovering new restaurants has become somewhat of a hobby during the last couple of years. A perfect location for me includes of a chilled vibe, where I can kick back and indulge in good conversation, and of course good food. Overtime, I have come across a few hidden gems found in the Queens/Brooklyn area which are great...

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The Million Step Challenge

Sitting here for quite some time, I have been bouncing several possible ideas of what I can possibly write about. Then it hit me, I have been juggling thoughts of upcoming events and adding to do’s in my imaginary list that it has become close to impossible to focus on this very task at hand. In reality, this is the time I do my yearly transition. And yes even though I do it every single year, it still hits me hard every time. It’s the time I am getting back into the grove of school after summer vacation, balancing...

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Stronger Than The Storm

Seven months after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and the New Jersey area, huge attempts have been put into action to recover from the hurricane’s effects. One of the most affected areas were the personal properties and commercial areas around the Jersey shores. Since the storm, Jersey is going full throttle to restore the damages caused. One of the most influential movements to gain the attention and make an emotional call to our fellow residents and outside visitors, is the “Stronger than the Storm” (STTS) campaign. The idea proposed by Bushfire Marketing, was meant to catch the people’s attention...

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