Author: Linda Berke

Becoming a Better Manager is as Easy as 1,2,3

Whether you are new to managing, or you are an experienced manager, becoming a better manager can be accomplished in three easy steps. Clearly Define What is Expected In the beginning of the evaluation year, during a new hire’s orientation or when you first start managing a group, focus on the positions first, not the people in the positions. Look at the job descriptions from a business perspective and look at how each position has been put in place to help you and your team support your company’s overall objectives. Review each direct report’s job description to ensure you...

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I’ll Deal with It Tomorrow

How to deliver a difficult message today! How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you need to tell a customer something they don’t want to hear? For example, you have to share the news that a product is on backorder, a refund is not approved, a shipment is going to be late, a service is not available anymore, your fees have gone up since they last bought from you or a favorite product has been recalled.You may be tempted to fall back to the question, “Do you want the good news or the bad news...

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Three Easy Ways to Increase Sales without Increasing Staff

Instill these three principles into your business and you can increase sales without increasing headcount. Principle #1 All of Our Employees are in Sales but No One is Just an Order Taker Every employee should know how to listen to the customer (whether internal or external) and how to uncover possible needs during their interactions. For example, if you have receptionists who answer calls from possible prospects, they can do more than just answer the phone and find out who to transfer to in your organization. They should be able to answer basic questions. Instead of just taking a...

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