Best Ways to Store Certain Fruits and Vegetables and Ways to Use Them as Beauty Products


Everyone knows adding more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet is good. But not all of us are aware of how fruits and vegetables can be used to improve our skin and hair. 

Before jumping into the subject it can also be useful to know the best way to store some of them so that we can get the maximum benefit out of each produce. Most of us think that the fridge is the only way to store fresh food, but it turns out the refrigerator is not the go-to storage unit for all your produce. Below are some types of produce you should not keep in your fridge:

Tomatoes are technically a fruit, but for many of us they taste like a vegetable. If you’ve ever grown tomatoes, you would know that they love the heat and hate the cold. So the fridge is actually not an ideal place to store tomatoes. They will still be good for cooking but they can turn into a big disappointment for your salad. For best results store them on your counter, not in direct sunlight and enjoy them when they’re ripe.
I have learned and experienced that onions spoil when there is lack of air circulation. Instead of storing onions in the fridge in a plastic bag, store them in a cool dry environment to keep them fresh. Also light can make onions bitter so making sure your onions are stored in a dark place will keep them sweeter.
If you’re buying a rock-hard avocado, don’t store it in your fridge, as it slows the ripening process. On the other hand, if you have a perfectly ripe avocado that you’re not ready to use, storing it in the refrigerator may work to your advantage as it slows down the ripening process. So the bottom line in storing avocados is fridge for ripe, ready to eat avocados and your counter for hard, unripe avocados.

Potatoes also don’t like cold temperatures. Keeping them in a breathable paper bag in cool spot will help prevent them from rotting. Also, storing potatoes at cold temperatures converts their starch to sugar more quickly, which can affect the flavor, texture and the way they cook.

Here are some tips on using some of the fruits and vegetables we have at home to obtain better skin and hair;
*Apples are a good conditioner and toner. Put slices of apples on your face to get rid of dead skin and tone your skin. They will exfoliate your skin without causing any damage.

*Bananas are known to be moisturizing and soothing. Besides using them as a face mask with some honey, banana can be best used for healthier, shinier and smoother hair. Smash a banana in a bowl and apply to your hair for more manageable hair. Especially if you have curly hair you should try it to make it smoother.

 *Potatoes and kiwis work amazing on eyes. Just keep a slice of it on your eyes and close your eyes for a while. You will very soon realize it soothes your eyes and you will see the results after a few try. To get rid of the puffiness place a cool wet tea bag under your eyes and watch the magic in minutes.
*Cucumbers are a really great toner for your skin. I learned this from my mom years ago and have been doing it ever since. If you don’t have time to cut cucumbers and make a face mask at home, try using the skin each time you peel a cucumber while making a dish for yourself. Don’t just toss away the skin to garbage. Simply wipe your face using the inside of the skin. It cleans refreshes and tones your skin. Believe me I think it works better than some expensive toners that I have.

Last but not least the Carrot Recipe might take a little while to prepare but is definitely worth while. Full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, carrots are known to work well on your face to prevent acne and moisturize your skin. Cook 2-3 carrots, then mash them into a smooth consistency. Mix the mashed carrots with some honey, and apply to your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off with cool water. You will feel like you just came out of a spa after this quick 5-10 minute home treatment.

I hope these little tips will bring zest to your meal and great results on your skin. Enjoy!