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Brazil Quiz

Brazil is the largest country in South America, famous for amongst other things its untouched wilderness, the annual Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and of course its love of soccer.

The South American gem is a vital participant in world trade, as it is rich in a variety of natural resources. Test your knowledge on Brazil by taking our quiz:

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Lauga Oskarsdottir
Lauga Oskarsdottir
Lauga is originally from Iceland, and is our Sales and Marketing Executive. She has been with MTS since May 2011. Lauga has experience as a Sales Manager for a large fitness corporation in Oslo, Norway before she moved to New York in 2009, where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Berkeley. Fun Fact: Lauga played professional soccer for 5 years in Norway, and also played for the Icelandic National Team as a goalkeeper! She played two seasons for the Berkeley College mens team, as their starting goalie and was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the season in 2010.

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