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Conservation Guide for Perishable Goods

Are you new to importing or exporting perishable goods?

Do you wonder what is the correct temperature for your perishable goods commodity? What should be the correct ventilation or humidity levels? What is the recommended fresh air exchange? Which service should you load your goods on if you don’t know their shelf life?

Below you can find a guide for the most commonly-transported commodities in reefer containers.

Dimitri Konstantinidis
Dimitri Konstantinidis
Dimitri was born and raised in Greece. He studied Shipping and Transport at London Guildhall University and graduated in 2000. He is also a licensed customs broker and had his own firm back in Greece for over 13 years. He came to New York and started working for MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) as an export line manager in 2015. He is now working as a Sales Executive for MTS Logistics since the beginning of 2017.

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