How to Choose the Right Warehouse for your Shipments?


Warehousing services is one of the main step that may need to be involve for your operations as dealing with the international shipments if you need store, pack and load your products. Choosing the right warehouse for your needs and requirements is crucial to run your business efficiently. Private warehouse may not be the optimal option for many businesses because of the cost factors. And if the private warehouse is not for your company, then importers / exporters have public or contracted warehousing options to choose from. There are many warehouse options out there and when it comes to choose the right one for you there are many factors to consider when you look for a contracted warehouse for your shipments to store them, ship your cargo to your customers in most efficient way.At the first place the best choosing method would be to pay a visit the warehouse facilities and inspect if they meet your products’ requirements. You need to make sure to learn how knowledgeable they are about your products and services you need from them. They must also offer enough number of personal for handling your shipments, and must be meet certain hygiene and safety level .

Here are couple questions to ask while choosing the right warehouse for you:

1. Does the warehouse have enough space and capability to handle the volume? The size of your products would be one of the main factors on choosing the right warehouse for you. The warehouse must be capable of handling the volume and offer the amount of the  space you will need to store your shipments.

2. How familiar are the warehouse staffs with the products you are shipping? This is one of the main questions you need to find the answer: Familiarity of handling your products. Warehouse staffs should know every single special handling requirements of your commodity. Their technical know-how, safety consideration, being aware of packing and storing requirements, optimal loading plans, warehouses familiarity could help you save on the cost and make you care free if choose the right warehouse. With their knowledge, they should be able to offer the right type of equipment to store, ship and pack your products.

3. Do they follow warehouse management system and will they able to offer you accurate inventory information? One of the biggest concerns of using the contract warehouse would be inventory control. For that reason the warehouse you will work with must have a plan in place to offer you with most accurate information on your inventory. Nowadays warehouses, instead of offering this information manually, start to offer online warehouse inventory system, which allows the owner of the products to track their inventory online. With warehouse management system they get to see most accurate information and have the full control on the amount of their products in the warehouse.

Do they have ISO Certifications? And I personally believe that is one important questions to ask. if the warehouse has ISO quality certifications that is the proof of how committed the warehouse is to offer their customers standardization of quality service, and don’t forget their service level will reflect on your performance towards to your customers.