Important Questions To Ask US Customs Before Importing


What you should know before importing goods into the United States ? If you are new in importing I am sure you have many questions to ask. I listed below more essential questions ‎you should be asking to US Customs. ‎Import specialist can provide you specific details of the product you are importing.

Is the product you are importing prohibited ?
Ask US customs if the item you are importing is banned. The item itself might be prohibited or the product you are importing might be banned based on the country it is manufactured, grown or produced.

Are there any restriction?
Import can be restricted in various ways. Restriction on imports can refer to the item being subjects to quota or needing special licensing. The item you are importing might need special documents or might need other agencies review.

Do you need any special documents before importing?
All merchandise coming into the United States must clear customs. To file a customs entry you are required ‎a commercial invoice, a packing list and proof of consignee’s right to make an entry. This proof can be a Bill of lading, airway bill or carrier’s certificate.

Are there any other government agencies who must approve the import of this product ?
Based on the imported product and it’s use, other federal agencies may have to be notified of the arrival . In addition to contacting US Customs, importers should contact other agencies when questions arise about the imported product. US customs will refer you to the agencies who have jurisdiction over the commodity. Make sure the product you are importing complies with other agencies requirements as well.

What is the duty rate?
All goods imported into USA are subject to duty. All imports items required to be classified in accordance with the harmonized schedule of the united states. Each tariff number has a corresponding rate of duty. Rates of duty for imported merchandise vary depending of the country of origin.

Are there any special requirement?
The merchandise you are importing must be marked properly before entering in to the United States. Ask ‎customs what are the US regulations and if there are any other special marking requirements.

Is the item subjects to quota ?
Check with Customs status report on current import quotas to determine if your goods are subject to a quota category. ‎If your merchandise is subjected to a quota ask how to obtain the correct visa for the goods upon entry.

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Onur Akarca
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