Let’s Keep in Touch


You are on a train or maybe at a doctor’s office or even at one of those fancy restaurants. Please stop checking your smartphones for one second and take a glance around where you are.

Do you see anyone talking to each other? Nope… Indeed, all you see is people who have their heads down to check their text or emails, Facebook updates, and tweets.

We are all very well connected through social media, but why does it still feel like we are missing something? I am sure you have a smile on your face now while you read this, right? The reason is only because we go through this every day and everywhere.In our daily lives we are surrounded by high- tech devices and for sure,  technology radically changes the way we live and we work. These high –tech devices definitely helps to speed up every single phase, however, do we realize that we actually don’t have enough time to analyze things more deeply.

Our smartphones, tablets help us to follow top trends, interchange mails, send instant messages,  we may even speak to each other via internet live from screen to screen.  All seems to make our lives easier, faster and more social. From one perspective, yes, that is true, but are we kind of losing our human side?

So while we think it’s great to use high-tech devices when we communicate, do we realize that we may  actually not necessarily build a real connection or lets call it a strong relationship. Do we really listen to each other or do we just hear or read the message?

Interpersonal communication is everything, it is indeed the winner of  our  future.

6-10 years from now on, these clever  machines, smartphones will assist our jobs, probably “do” our jobs completely..  What  they cannot  do,  is to “ be a  human” so there will be even less  face to face interaction.

It is true that every new technology changes the style of our communication so let’s keep in touch and try to improve interpersonal communication.

As a Futurist, Marketing Consultant and Professional Coach I believe that technology will make our lives easier day by day. The most important thing is we need to focus more on our face to face interactions, the quality and deepness of our communication, and building our personal brand in the best way to be irreplaceable in the future.