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Today, transparency, speed, accuracy, control, and full visibility of the supply chain are more important than ever before.

In the fast-paced, ever-changing dynamic world where everyone wants their cargo delivered yesterday without any issues, managing the logistics and supply chain for products is becoming even more important. In this conjuncture, while managing logistics, it is very important to get all the help possible. Utilizing technology supported by strong customer service makes the entire logistics and supply chain process much easier.

To compliment our great, personalized service, MTS Logistics provides premium logistics and supply chain visibility and management solutions through our innovative Online Dashboard.

The highlights of MTS Logistics’ Online Dashboard program include:

  • End-to-end full control of your supply chain.
  • Management of all logistics and supply chain needs within one platform.
  • Communication with all parties involved.
  • PO management, order approvals, and full visibility on a per-item level.
  • Fully Paperless, for a lower carbon footprint.
  • Improvement of day-to-day processes, higher productivity, and reaching information instantly.

How you can benefit from using MTS Logistics’ Online Dashboard program:

1. Shipper’s Booking Phase: One of the most-challenging and least-visible parts of the entire supply chain process is when shippers try to book their cargo.

Most of the time, importers do not have any visibility of this phase, so communication may be a problem. Shippers can book, schedule and arrange pick ups for their products through the MTS Logistics Online Dashboard, which enables the booking process to become faster and more efficient.

Once the booking is initiated by shippers, MTS Logistics will receive the booking and process requests. A booking log will be automatically created within the MTS Logistics Online Dashboard. Any changes to the cargo ready dates, or initially booked sailing dates, will be visible so you as an importer can take the necessary steps based on the changes.

2. Booking Approval Phase:  Whether you have a top, urgent shipment which must sail and arrive by a certain date, or you are shipping for stock and are not worried about the delivery date of specific shipments, you will be able to choose amongst a variety of weekly sailing options, which are provided per booking basis.

Depending on the cost, service type, cargo urgency, or other criteria you can choose from the options that are provided, and approve bookings directly through the MTS Logistics Online Dashboard.

3. End-to-End Visibility: Now, you can enjoy full end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. There is a live Track and Trace option, starting from the time that a shipper places a booking. From the time the booking is received, cargo visibility is available with real-time data. From date of the booking, to empty container dispatch, to shippers, gate-in date at origin, transshipment dates, arrival dates, rail arrivals, and customs clearance dates, many of the main events are automatically updated. There are many other main shipment events are available to view, giving you full control of the supply chain, a lower workload, and reduced costs.

Avoid information delays and difficulties with your product deliveries and make informed decisions, as you have full visibility of logistics and supply chain operations. Full data integration is available through EDI. Track and Trace features are based on variety of parameters, such as the PO number, item number, supplier name, commercial invoice number, and bill of lading numbers.

Real-time vessel arrival and discharge dates, customs and freight release status, customs exam status, and other details are some of the many key details that are visible within the MTS Logistics Online Dashboard, which will help make deliveries better-planned based on real-time information.

4. Manage Your Documents: Within the MTS Logistics Online Dashboard, all documents related to a shipment are available to view. This gives greater control to manage documents, and eliminates paper waste for a lower overall carbon footprint. You can view bill of lading copies, commercial invoices, packing list copies, or any other documents that may be related to a shipment. Upload any document that you want to send to MTS Logistics, and save time.

Other features to manage your documents include:

  • View Invoices and Account Statements: View and run reports based on total freight cost spent for any specific month, view historical payment data, and manage your cash flow based on this information.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard gives you an overall picture of your supply chain. Some of the capabilities include seeing volume statistics, an overview of freight costs spent in a certain month with variety of filtering and reporting options, accuracy of the intended arrival dates vs. the actual arrival dates, and many more tools.

The MTS Logistics Online Dashboard is entirely user-friendly and easy to use.

The system compliments MTS Logistics’ strong, personalized customer service. It can be customized and will continue to evolve and better contribute to managing day-to-day shipments.

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Serkan Kavas
Serkan Kavas was born and raised in Turkey. He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University with a Degree in Business Administration in 2001. He had an internship in Germany at a major industrial company after college. He worked at their family business in Turkey and managed their exports from Turkey to Europe. He moved to the U.S. to continue his education in New York and obtained his MBA degree with International Business concentration at New York Institute of Technology in 2005. After graduation he was recruited by MTS Logistics and he has been working at the company since 2005. Serkan worked his way up from the entry level to operations manager and to his current position as our VP of Imports at MTS Logistics. He wears different hats daily with different responsibilities. He has vast knowledge, experience, and understanding of all aspects of logistics, freight, and the supply chain. His focus now is to help develop our import department and help our company move forward.