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MoreThanShipping.com Named the World’s 9th Most Popular Shipping Blog

MoreThanShipping.com, developed and maintained by leading New York-based logistics provider MTS Logistics, is very proud to announce that our unique employee-empowered blog has been named the world’s ninth most popular cargo and shipping blog by Google’s FeedSpot platform.

Launched nearly ten years ago, MoreThanShipping.com now receives millions of visitors annually and has become a source of shipping, cargo, logistics, and supply chain news from around the world. Thanks to each and every one of our loyal visitors who have helped this blog grow over the past decade.

MTS Logistics President Sedat Saka had this message to say on the growth of MoreThanShipping.com:

“Thanks to everybody who visits MoreThanShipping.com daily, weekly, and monthly to receive the latest updates on shipping, logistics, and more. When we started MoreThanShipping.com, we wanted to develop a reliable source for breaking news and updates in the world of shipping. We maintain and grow this blog religiously to provide our customers, prospects, and the entire shipping and logistics industry the latest developments and updates. We view each of our visitors as partners and want to provide plenty of personal touch and customer service – this blog is an extension of those values. I would also like to thank the employees of MTS Logistics, who are the key authors of posts on this blog, in addition to their daily duties in business. Their commitment to this blog shows their commitment to our customers and the shipping industry.”

In 2020, MoreThanShipping.com looks forward to further growing and cementing our status as an industry leader in shipping, cargo, logistics, and supply chain news and updates. Thanks again for your support.

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