Join Us for the MTS Logistics 2020 Beach Clean Up


Did you know that 80% of ocean pollution comes from the land?

The studies are alarming, showing that around six million tons of litter enter the oceans every year. It is becoming difficult to accurately estimate the amount of waste in the ocean as the number is constantly increasing. A further complicating factor is that waste enters the ocean through numerous different ways. By far, the majority of litter comes from land-based activities.

Marine litter, especially plastic waste, creates a threat not only to the health of our oceans and coasts, but to our economy and societies, too. The moment plastic waste reaches the water, it creates a danger to the animals that depend on oceans for food. The harm caused by plastic pollution is wide-ranging. It chokes wildlife above and below the waterline. As plastic consumption mounts, so too does the danger to marine life.

Shipping also plays a major role in ocean pollution, which includes waste from commercial vessels. The amount of debris in the marine environment is constantly increasing because most of the waste is plastic, which degrades very slowly in water and can last for decades or centuries.

As MTS Logistics, we are well aware that the ocean is not just our biggest business partner – it is our life source and our ally.

That is why we are proud to announce that as the MTS Logistics family, we will be partnering with the NYC Parks Department to host a day dedicated to cleaning-up the beach on May 2, 2020.

We invite you to join us at this special event to do our part to protect the oceans and prevent further damage to marine life due to refuse. We believe that the greatest success can be achieved when we work together.

Join Us for our 2020 Ocean Cleanup!

If you would like to join us and make something good for the world we live in, you may contact us from [email protected].

Let’s do our part to save the world!