MTS Logistics Supports Cambodia Charity That is Changing Lives


Social media is a great tool to make a real difference in the world and I consider myself to be fortunate to get to know a superhero from Turkey who moved to Cambodia to open a soup kitchen for hungry kids. She would like her identity to be kept hidden since she considers herself to be just a medium and she would like the attention to be on kids all the time so I will call her superhero while telling her story.  She tried to make a difference by donating blood, sharing posts on social media and signing up on for worthy causes however none of them really felt that she was making a difference so our superhero’s  life changed when she read an article in the newspaper saying $75 is enough to feed a village of 300 people in some parts of the world. Having just spent more than this amount on her grocery shopping, she decided to move to Cambodia to meet the villagers mentioned in the article. Having realized that $1 can buy 6 kilos of rice she decided to open a soup kitchen for the unfortunate kids. Due to a large number of support from different people from all over the world, she decided to expand her charity to building a butterfly park, health cabin, workshop for women and a school where she calls the place living fields. The reason that she chose this name is the village is right across the killing fields where Khmer Rouge regime killed 3 million people 40 years ago.

A friend of mine shared this post & I was lucky enough to see it and decided to visit the village during my travels to Cambodia. Starting from our president Sedat Saka, our company takes every opportunity to help the unfortunate, where last year we published a book to increase awareness to Autism and this year we decided to donate a house for a homeless family in the pictures. If you also are moved with the brief story of our superhero you can visit her website where there are many was to donate to kids like buying kids a birthday cake for your birthday celebration where the kids put a special thank you message for you on social media or write your name on a paving stone that will be put in front of the classroom that they are building now.