Near Death Experience


What happens to us when our duties in this life are finished? What will happen to us when we leave our bodies for good? People from all over the world share their near death experiences for us to get an idea of what to expect. Some of these near death experiences are from Atheists (People who don’t believe in God or don’t believe in the spiritual world).

A woman named Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with Grade 4B Lymphoma. When the oncologist spoke to Anita’s husband, he said it was too late to do anything and that her organs were started to slowly shut down. The doctor said she had only 36 hours to live. They started with Chemotherapy and oxygen to try and extend her life. She started drifting in and out of consciousness while on the hospital bed. She stated that she could feel her spirit leave her body. While this was happening, she remembers hearing her husband and doctor speaking in outside of the room about 40 feet away. She later verified the conversation with her husband and he was in total shock and doesn’t believe how she could be able to hear a conversation 40 feet away.

Out of nowhere, Anita’s spirit crossed over into another dimension. “I was engulfed in a total feeling of love; I was engulfed in a total feeling of love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and how life works in general.” She said. She recalled being surrounded by loving spiritual beings around her. “I was made to understand that it was not my time, but I always had the choice. And if I chose death, I would not be experiencing a lot of the gifts that the rest of my life still held in store.” She said. This made her wonder “If I chose to live, would I still have to live with a sick body?” One of the spiritual beings said she would make a full recovery in a matter of days if she chose to live. “I was shown how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. If I chose to go into life, the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly. I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy, so the illness often returns.” She stated. “I was drifting in and out between the two worlds. Every time I drifted into the “other side”, I was shown more and more scenes. There was one which showed how my life had touched all the people I had come in contact with. It was sort of like a tapestry and showed how I affected everyone’s lives around me. There was another which showed my brother on a plane, having heard the news I was dying, coming to see me (this was later verified to me, as when I started to come round, my brother was there having just got off a plane).”

“I made my choice to live. As I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the veil I was on), the doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces saying to my family, “Good news! We got the results and her organs are functioning. We can’t believe it!! Her body really did seem like it had shut down!” “After that, I began to recover rapidly. The doctors waited for me to become stable enough to do a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells. Once completed, they could not find a single lymph node big enough to suggest cancer. Yet upon entering the hospital my body had been filled with swollen lymph nodes. They then did a bone marrow biopsy to assess the cancer activity so that they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease. Yet there wasn’t any cancer in the bone marrow.” “The doctors were very confused, but told me it must have been a rapid response to the chemo. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colors. Clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they couldn’t believe they didn’t find anything, they made the radiologist repeat it again!!!!” “Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in our lives every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically. I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience “heaven on earth”.”

Life is a beautiful thing. We don’t know how much longer we will be here for so we should spend the time that we do have with our families and loved ones. Maybe we all will meet in the other “World”.

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