What are Your New Year Resolutions?


    New Year’s resolutions are a tradition. The New Year is a new beginning for everyone, because the new year comes with new dreams and new decisions. It is a new time frame for setting up new goals. If you have not yet decided what you are going to do in 2018, start preparing right away, because those who make New Year’s decisions are 10 times more successful.

    Some of us have also made new year’s resolutions for business, but sticking with these resolutions, and achieving your goal, can be difficult. The new year is ideal for evaluating and planning what kind of moves you will make regarding your work.

    Here are some suggestions for your business-related new year’s resolutions:

    Be motivated.

    Achieving your goal requires high motivation, because people can’t easily give up their everyday habits. It is not easy to change what you have been doing throughout your life. For this reason, determining a starting point and taking the first step to achieve your goal is important. Keep your positive attitude about what you do.

    Re-evaluate your decisions during the year.

    In today’s business world, everything changes fast. You might need to rearrange your plans according to new circumstances. When setting goals, it is best to consider your priorities before anything else. What is your current situation? Is there a discrepancy between your goal and where you currently are? You can re-evaluate your decisions throughout the year.

    Set smaller goals to reach your big goal.

    Actions should be taken step-by-step. If your targets are long-term, it might be necessary to divide them into smaller steps. Reaching your short terms goals step-by-step, will motivate you to reach your final goal. Focus on taking specific steps to achieve the big goal. Once you achieve a smaller goal, you can move on to a more challenging goal. People can easily give up if they only set up one large goal, and that goal seems unattainable.

    Be realistic.

    Make, and achieve, realistic goals on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, and work for a specific purpose. Realistic people will evaluate everything in a logical framework. These people always know how to put things in perspective. Be realistic about what you can do, and have a realistic evaluation of yourself.

    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

    Do not forget mistakes can, and will, happen. Analyze why you made a mistake, and use this as a learning tool to improve your work. Do not give up because you made a mistake.

    Know when to ask for help.

    Sometimes we take on more than we can handle, or just need a different perspective. Don’t feel that you have to do everything on your own, since you can’t also possibly know everything. You need to think about what needs to be done to reach your goal, which way to progress, and give responsibility to your team to reach those goals.

    Create a plan and be organized.

    Develop a system to keep track of your goals. Create a timeline and prepare a written plan of your goals. Use a planner to track how far you are, and what you need to do to reach your goals. Whether it is a simple chart, or an electronic method, it is important to keep track of your daily activities.

    I wish you good luck in achieving your goals in 2018!