Project Cargo Transportation


Today I would like to talk about one of the areas that we at MTS Logistics are experts in: Project Cargo Transportation. Project shipments are the organization and transportation of heavy and oversized equipment. Some examples includes the moving of a complete factory; a production line; electric/ natural gas systems, oil refinery machines; road construction machines; airport or marine port equipment; and more. The main goal of project shipment planning is to transport oversized cargo with the utmost safety and cost effective way. It may contain a combination of different modes, routes, and arrangements than a regular cargo would require.Project cargo is quite a sensitive subject because of the nature of it. A shipment delivered late or damaged will have a significant effect on the cost and time planning of the main project. The planning of the transportation of a project cargo requires preciseness from the start point to the end. Therefore before starting the transportation, there are many factors that must be covered with detailed thinking.

Project shipment planning must involve a thorough control of the operational applicability of the plan and its compliance with the law while making sure the plan is safe for human health and the environment. Before starting the transportation, planners must be experts at their jobs while choosing right operators and routes of the move. During the project, communication between the operator, operational team, engineers, and the owners of the project is critical. Besides the importance of excellent service, cost calculation of any project requires expertise from the freight forwarder to present realistic costs at the beginning of the project. This helps to prevent extra costs that may come up throughout the whole process.

When you start planning for a project shipment, one of the first crucial steps should be selecting the right carrier and nominating the best freight forwarder that has expertise in this field. We strongly recommend getting in touch with us here at MTS Logistics if you have any coming up project shipments. Our expert team will be more than happy to walk you through the planning of your shipments. We will not only explain to you the whole procedure but we will also partner with you to make sure all goes as smoothly as possible. At MTS Logistics, we are ready to help you with any requests you may have regarding project cargo handling.