Queens Guide : The Bests of the Borough


Born-and-raised in New York City, I have indulged in each of the boroughs that NY has to offer. In my previous post, “Weekend Winter Getaways from New York,” I shared with you my favorite hotspots in our surrounding states. However, NY in itself offers its own attractions that splurge out its personality, making an endless range of things to do right here, which creates the perfect opportunity for me to share with you. And as a bit of an-overly-proud Queens chick, here are some Queens spots I have been enjoying lately:

Omnia Café: Not so much of an eat-in spot, more of a casual “let’s stop by and get some drinks/coffee/dessert.” This Greek café has a wide variety of delicious, mouth-watering desserts-with equally delicious drinks! Tip101: Request to sit on the back—it’s got great vibe! By the way, did I forget to mention that Omnia Café made the wedding cake for the movie, “My big Fat Greek wedding”? Yup, give it a try and go!

Spa Castle: Yikes, I am obsessed! With a not-so-costly entry, you can enjoy the whole day here. Entry fee includes access to all pools and the different saunas (cold saunas, hot saunas, color saunas, etc). With a little extra pay you can include massages, manicures, salons, and such. Not to forget the drinks, which you can take anywhere in the spa—Ah! How I love it there!

Flushing Meadows Corona Park: I love this park ever since a young girl! Not only do I love the big open park space to just go and relax but I also can go enjoy a BBQ with family and friends, etc. This is not your average park, Flushing Meadows has a variety of facilities which include an ice-skating rink, mini golf course, pool, zoo, including different sport fields (baseball, basketball, soccer, you get my drift!) In the summer, this a perfect place to go and enjoy a vast array of recreational activities.

Citi Field: Just a few steps away from Flushing Meadows, is this baseball stadium. Perfect for a laid back day of baseball and snacks, what is not to enjoy? Not only does Citi Field house baseball games, but it often holds concerts and other entertainment events. So keep an eye out for what interests you best.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden: Although, I’m not much of a beer person, (lucky for me its not only limited to this) I enjoy this beer garden in the summer to gather up a group of friends and hang out. So rally up your gang and have some fun!

Museum of Moving Image: I first laid eyes on this museum on a school trip and has been one of favorites ever since. This can easily be enjoyed by children and adults; it offers things as exhibitions for classic to up-to-date movies. It also lends itself to the “art, history, technique and technology of the moving image in all its form”!

Lastly, I will give you: the newly re-opened “Seven One Ocho” lounge. Now this is not a place for everyone, aiming mostly for the younger crowd, it indulges the Latina side of me. This small but cozy and warm, friendly lounge is one of those places you are lucky to stumble upon. Playing my favorite merengues, bachatas, a few top 40’s, and the DJ taking in my request– its enough to keep me satisfied.

All-in-all, enjoy!