Seeing The Glass Half Full


One day a woman, who looked quite miserable, came to God.  “God, it was hard to get to you” she said to him.  “I had to trample seven pairs of shoes, cross seven rivers to overcome the seven wetlands, cross the seven gorges before I beheld you. In my opinion, I have lost the use of my feet”.  “You have chosen this difficult path, and it’s your right” said the Lord. “You probably have an important matter to discuss with me, what is it?” he continued. “Very important! I want to ask you, why do you punish me with many misfortunes? What did I do to make you hate me like that” said the women angrily.

“I am Love, and do not know how to hate” – said the Creator.  “But if I do something wrong, I am ready to fix it. Tell me what your trouble is” said God. “As a child, I did not have an understanding with my parents, and I suffered from it.  My husband, whom I loved, left me for another. My only child died, barely having time to grow up. Friends turned away from me because, I did not want to socialize with anyone else. Now I’m sick of a deadly disease, and I haven’t even seen half of the world yet. You robbed me of everything, Lord! And I want to know why. Why am I destined to be miserable??” said the sad women. 

“Dear woman, I want to ask you with compassion”  the Lord replied.  “I gave you the parents, so that you may know how to be a daughter.  I gave you a husband so that you may know what it means to be a woman. I sent you a child so you may know how it is to be a mother. I gave you friends – so that you may know what “being together” and “to support each other” meant. I sent you a disease – To latter a signal that you’re doing something wrong. I gave you everything for happiness – much more so than many others. Now tell me why, with so many opportunities for happiness, you chose to be miserable? Go and think about it, there’s still time!”.

It took a long time and when she returned; this time she looked very happy.  “Hello, God” she said with a smile. “Nice to see you!”. “I flew on the wings of love, a pair of strokes – and I’m here” – the woman said. “I am here to thank you” said the women. “Something in your life changed?” asked the lord. “Oh, yes! After we met all was different, I went back to my world, where I was waiting for my disease. But I chose to live – and managed to find ways to heal. Healed myself, I wanted to tell others that it is possible, and began to help those who are desperate. I’ve made a lot of friends and they helped me write a book about my experience with you. One of my readers has become my husband. He is a widower, his wife died of the same disease that has been with me, and he was left with three children. I became a mother to them, so now I have grandchildren.  “But I see that you are in wheelchairs. Perhaps this is upsetting you?” inquisitively asked the Lord. “This has its advantages. I have more than any other, time for reflection, meditation and creativity.  I can see your eyes shine and smile blooms on your face.  It’s because I’m always on the move, I have so many plans! I learned to knit, I have mastered the Internet, I communicate with the world. I have so much love that I want to embrace the whole world!  Lord, I’m finally happy!” with a smile remarked God. – Just to make a choice. It’s  your choice.