Some of the Best Kept Secrets of the City of Angels


Welcome to LA, the city of angels where anything and everything is possible!

No matter what your dream or passion is, LA can provide you all the things you need to get closer to what you are striving for. Although LA and the southern California area is known for being the Mecca of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities can be more than just a place to come to when you want to see all the famous streets and people you see when you turn on your TV.

Los Angeles County seems to have many cities that can be compared to many other cities in the United States. There are cities in the metropolitan Los Angeles area that if you come from the Midwest, there is a city here that has the same type of feeling and attitude as your hometown.

The same goes for places in the South, North and even the East coast. Just take a drive on a nice sunny day in LA and take in the scenery and see if you can find the city that most resembles your hometown. What you will find will amaze you! The different cultures and people that can be found in Los Angeles are sometimes overlooked because most people tend to focus on Hollywood and the entertainment industry related things.

There are many areas that you can find that are known for their ethnic foods and sights, with Korea Town being a place that most people find when they are looking for a taste of Asian cuisine, or want to try food from a different culture. There are so many other places like this in Los Angeles that get overlooked, or may seem like a well-kept secret to those that are not from LA.

Of course there are places that everyone comes to LA to see, like Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd., Melrose Ave, downtown LA, The Grove and tourist attractions like that, but the coolest part of LA is those places that are here that most tourist don’t know about because they’re not advertised often, or because you have to spend more than just a vacation here to take the time to drive around and discover LA’s best kept secrets.

All you have to do is get in your rental car, choose a direction, start the engine and drive! You will find something that you had no idea was in Los Angeles, no matter which direction you decide to go in to start your adventure. I’m not going to give you the names and places I’ve found, doing that would take away all the fun from you discovering LA’s best kept secrets on your own. Plus it’s a secret right? Just keep in mind that you may end up finding a place or restaurant or shopping area that will become your favorite place to visit every time you come back to LA.

So get on out there and see what you can find, but be sure to keep it a secret shhhhhhh!…that’s part of the excitement of Living in LA!