Stronger Than The Storm


Seven months after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and the New Jersey area, huge attempts have been put into action to recover from the hurricane’s effects. One of the most affected areas were the personal properties and commercial areas around the Jersey shores. Since the storm, Jersey is going full throttle to restore the damages caused.

One of the most influential movements to gain the attention and make an emotional call to our fellow residents and outside visitors, is the “Stronger than the Storm” (STTS) campaign. The idea proposed by Bushfire Marketing, was meant to catch the people’s attention by creating an anthem that will lift the spirits to rebuilding New Jersey in an attempt to recuperate economically. I am sure you may have heard the catchy song, “Stronger than the Storm” played in radios and TV commercials to lure in attention, it’s meant to be play on the emotional side and create a sense of pride to our near residents.

Not only does the campaign contain a catchy hook to listeners, but the campaign is hosting summer events to lure in attraction and rebuilt the shore’s economy. Some of the family fun activities include the “Kites and Castles event,” taking place in July and August where both adults and kids can join workshops for sand-building and kite making! This actually sounds pretty fun to join during the summer months. Another fun one, is the “BBQ Championship and Angelsea Blue Festival.” What better way to spend a day in the summer than by enjoying a BBQ from competing cooking teams showing off their skills, while listening to some smooth blues?

Checking out the STTS events from their website, a few which caught my eye are the boats and board event (including kayaking, paddle boarding, etc), many mini concerts through the summer, hosting free movies, food festivals, etc. Well, I can go on and on, but seems like this campaign already has a full agenda for the summer!

Now one of the greatest causes the STTS campaign is helping are the small businesses of the shore. STTS allows owners to promote their small business through STTS’ social media (twitter, Instagram) and even through public commercials. This is what greatly attracted me to this campaign; it is really a heart-felt move!

Of course, we can’t forget what the shore itself offers. With rebuilding and restoring, the shore is back in action. So enjoy the beach, the rides, the shops, and of course the food!