Technology? Don’t Give Me That


Day by day people are heading for a future full of unknowns as well as their mysterious convenience loitering around the corner. No, I am not quoting a part of a futurist news article. I am talking about our daily life. If you are in workforce more than 5-10 years (let alone 20 or more), chances are you feel dizzy with the impact of the high-technology that never thinks of taking a rest.

Whether we acknowledge this change or we call it a social metamorphosis, is inevitable and it is huge that we cannot defeat it at all. Back in 10 years, I remember the favorite careers were: Typists, switchboard operators, mimeograph repair technicians, keypunchers and elevator operators. And, today’s favorite are: Webmasters. LAN operators. Desktop publishers, data mining specialists.

So how about engineers, doctors etc.? Wait…just wait. You will see what will happen to them in the next 10 years. Just follow the advances in the science of Robotics, they will be replaced by those robotic guys.

Not long ago, just a few decades ago, business magazines celebrated the latest office technology cutting edge equipment such as electric typewriters and dictaphones. Today, they replace them with digital phones and personal digital assistants. However, we still don’t see this as a preference over something we are doing. Let’s just think about our life.  How much change we went through for last 5 years? These changes occurred at an unbelievable speed. Our life is changing. And it is being changed by others. And we can not resist it any more. There are no typewriters or keypunchers. Back then, we weren’t aware of this techno storm that could effect our daily lives. Could you imagine to what extent it turned our life into misery now? People started using phones for instagram only.

As in below paragraph the person already exceeded the limits of being “a fancy novelty” in his lives. And now the technology is ruling our lives. Are you complaining about it? If yes, you need to see a doctor, buddy! Not because you keep complaining about it, but because you miss the fact you cannot resists this invincible power in uptrend.

Tell me :

-When was the last time you grabbed a pen and wrote a letter to a friend?

-How many times did you sit and read a newspaper within last week?

-Did you speak your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend more than 3 times last week (I literally mean speaking not texting)?

-Did you spend any extra time with your dog other than walking within the last 5 days?

-What would you do if you are forced to spend a whole month in a house as deprived of your cell or computer?

-Do you remember those times you filled in squares of a crossword-puzzle?

Or let me put it this way:

-Did you check your emails or your Facebook messages in last 5 days? And, is it more than 3 times?

-Did you get a reply to your tweet you sent last week? Are you curious about it?

-Do you remember what you ate during breakfast or lunch? Or were you texting to someone then?

-Have you ever sent texts to someone while talking to someone else?

No, don’t say that once you almost crashed while both texting and driving in your car.

Are you aware that you haven’t spoken to your mom face to face no more than 10 minutes since God knows when?

Do you wake up every morning with the fear of “Let’s see what new things will show up and ruin my life today?” Oh man, you are killing yourself every day. It’s like jumping down a cliff each and every morning. Just like the guy in the movie called “Groundhog’s day.”

Maybe most of us are not aware of that, but next 5 years will be even more sophisticated than now. We’ll think and get surprised how we used to text or check Facebook page. Now read the future dialog below:

Husband: “Oh honey! Sorry I forgot to wink two times today!”

Wife: “Why, what would happen if you did?”

Husband: “My new sunglasses. It commands my eye-moves. Say, if I wink twice, it dials your number and I can talk to you…If I keep my left eye closed for at least 10 seconds, It starts playing my favorite song on my in-ear headphones…If I touch the right rim with my pinky, it’s commanded to send an instant message to our IT guy saying that our software system is down.”

These examples might multiply. And all we have to figure out is that we are helpless and clueless on the changing technology. So we need to be part of it…We have to; to not being a part of a misery.