The Future of Shipping: Teleportation in Shipping

Blue glowing wormhole in space, interstellar warp, computer generated abstract fractal background

Imagine shipping your goods in a matter seconds, no need for air plane or cargo ships. As in the popular scientific thriller star trek, you may had seen teleporting from one location to another location instantaneously. It is pretty far fetch idea, but so as many other thing such flying crafts, the internet, cloning was once a far fetch idea, look at us now.  Currently, we can arguably say how impossible this sounds, but let say given the right conditions and circumstances that this becomes an reality in the near or distant future. Let just look at this strictly from logistics perspective. How will teleportation in shipping impact the logistic world?

The basic idea, how teleportation would work? how it will affect the logistic industries?

Quantum physics, it is the study of physical world on an atomic and subatomic level. Basically everything in this world is made up of composites of atoms from the tiniest of germs to the biggest thing you can imagine. Everything is made up composites of single atoms altogether.  For example, if you want to get goods such as Fuji apples or Korean pear, the theories is you can breakdown these into atoms, then through a channel sending these atoms to an receiving end, then recomposed back to its origin form just as you have received it, just as you sending a picture through a computer, in the simplest form, they are nothing but “1”s and 0’s in binary codes, and when your computer opens up the picture, it will reconfigures these “1”s and “0”s back to it’s original format to show you the picture that was sent.


In term of effect on this logistic industry, there will be no more need for air plane or cargo vessel, they will be in museum along with other antiques such as old paintings and statues. They will be just a means of leisure for vacationing to slow down and unwind in the faster pace future world. For whichever countries pioneer in this technology will have upmost control, but would still need to partner with foreign countries to set up teleporting device, for receiving or sending. Since shipping itself will be instantaneous, so the logistic world, our responsibility will be consisting with mostly from administrative work which  we will be processing documents from receiving and sending side, getting approval from sender countries to exit goods, and vice versa getting approval from receiving side to receive goods. Process is fairly will be the same on how we do things, from procurement, transporting, and custom entry clearing of goods.

What are the down side of this new technology?

There are always a good side and bad side to this innovation. Good sides are transport will be faster exponential for goods and human beings. This type of technology will be exploited for the wrong use if fall into the wrong hand. For example, Colombian drug cartel used private planes and submarines to transport cocaine into U.S. borders. This teleportation technology will be subjected to the same exploitation the use of planes or submarine to business that smuggle illegal substance and contraband into varies countries.

No matter whom or where this technology will successfully built by, this technology should not be open to public this due to exploitation of people with bad intentions.

With every new invention we human had made so far had advance us forward, but anytime, it can destroy us in an instant. With greater power, comes with greater responsibilities, or it will lead to our own destructions to our way of life.