The Rise of Empathy During the Time of COVID-19


The world is collectively trying to navigate the difficult and uncertain time of COVID-19.

Authorities around the world have declared COVID-19 the worst global crisis since World War II ended in 1945. Most white-collar office workers are working remotely and other areas of the workforce have been scaled back dramatically. Worldwide, everyone joins in giving their thoughts and prayers to those on the front lines who must be out in society right now.

Over the past month, we have all learned new words such as social distancing, isolation, and lockdown. On the other hand, the word “empathy” is another word that will be remembered for a long time regarding this quarantine period.

In the shipping industry, we send and receive thousands of emails every day.

Most of the time, we aim to get the information we need as soon as possible, or share information rapidly. We do our best to make things go smoothly. At MTS Logistics, we are working remotely and not letting this new reality disrupt our successful logistics business.

On the other hand, we are all reminded how much we care about those we work and interact with each day – from the overseas agents we deal with to the clients that are just down the street. In these times, it is important for all of us to hear that those we care about are safe first. In this dark period, safety is even more important than business being conducted -such as learning about a vessel delay, something beyond our business’s control and association.

The emails we receive at MTS Logistics from our partners all over the world show that everyone in this global community shares the same concerns.

First, we are asked about our health and our family’s health. Then, business like vessel delays and urgent reminders, is discussed. With the COVID-19 crisis, it seems all of humanity has started remembering what is really important and urgent in this world for us: safety and the well-being of our fellow humans. Everything down to the language we are using in our emails is changing from a rush point-of-view to a more caring point-of-view. While many of us are working from home alone, we are all becoming more connected and this will continue to become one of the most important values gained over these dark days.

All of us here at MTS Logistics are prepared for lighter and better days ahead. Stay well and be safe.