Things Not Here Anymore


Life moves so fast, that’s something that we all know as a fact, and sometimes we do not realize how fast our surroundings are changing. Not only do we as people change, but our tools, items, and anything we use daily can change at a very fast pace. I am unsure what is progressing faster—who’s the one playing catch up?

We always try to catch up onto the newest trend and buy the latest products in the market.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the latest version of products as they are evolving to have better features and qualifications. They help to make our lives easier and possibly more efficient. Since we are trying to keep pace with the latest innovations– what happens the outdated technology? We completely neglect them and as a result manufacturers stop production of those items.

Take for example the smart phones that we have in our pockets with their countless functions, they make almost everything available to us 24/7. That being said, I think that we eventually will no longer need the following items in our future.

Yellow pages: Since endless information is now available in the internet, why bother storing or searching through a 10 lbs big yellow book?

By now I see it has lost its popularity and therefore I think that in a couple more years we probably will not be seeing them around anymore!

Cassette tapes: I have not seen many music cassette tapes lately! Cassette tapes became yesterday’s news with the emergence of CD’s, which made me realize that a lot of today’s music players do not even include features for cassettes. This made me reminisce about my huge collection of tapes of my favorite artists from my younger years. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Walkman: With the coming our of cassette tapes, walkmans were introduces so you can listen to music on the go. But shortly with CD’s emerging, walkmans became a thing of the past and CD players took over. However, with Apple’s iPod revolution—who can even recall these items.

Video tapes: In the 80’s-90’s, this was such a popular way to watch our favorite movies But now video tapes have been replaced with DVD’s and Blu-Rays, which have better sound and visual qualities.

Wired phones: could you imagine a home without a phone 10 years ago from today. Back then it was a must for every home but with the use of cell phones so commonly today, the need for the wired phones also disappeared.

Fax machines: This was a very popular means of technology in the work place in the past. However, with emails and scanning devices, fax machines have also started loosing their necessity. In the near future, I think we may cease to see them in our offices.

Encyclopedia Books: I say-who needs to keep these collections of huge books for research or when you have the internet now? With search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., you can instantly retrieve countless information.

These are just couple things that came to mind immediately. However, there are endless things that we have used that may be extinct in our near future. With the evolution of technology, makes me wonder what will become a thing of the past and can only imagine what we will use tomorrow?