Thrive to Success


No matter how old you are, where you are from or what you do for a living, we all share something in common – a desire to be successful. People have different needs, wishes and perspectives on life- that’s why success is a self defined term. For some, it’s all about making money, achieving career heights, fame while for others it’s about love and family.

Abraham Lincoln said: “That some achieve great success, is a proof to all that others can achieve it as well”. However, it does not happen to people by chance-it happens by choice. There are a lot of strategies and tips on how to become successful in life; however, there are certain habits you have to develop in order to achieve success. Let’s look at the list of good habits that will help you to get ahead in life:

1. Have a will power

Success can only be achieved by a strong will. If your desire is strong enough then you will discover paths to keep yourself going towards your goals. Successful people are not stronger that others, and they are not necessarily more intelligent than others, but they have more motivation than others. Moreover, they have a burning desire to achieve their goals. The best way to strengthen your will power is to make it a habit.

2. Be self disciplined

Self discipline is the ability to control and motivate yourself and do things that are beneficial for you. It applies across all spectrums of your life -from your mind to your body to soul and to you bank account. It can be a hard task to maintain but it definitely is a key to success.

3. Persevere, Don’t be a victim! 

There are times in life when you will feel that everything around you is collapsing. Sometimes life falls apart and it can be out of your control, sometimes things go wrong and you know that it is your own fault. There will always be unexpected turns in your life but what separates success and failure is one thing- that is perseverance. The perseverance is the ability to keep going even when we faced disappointments and it can make all the difference in the word. It comes from being committed to your goals and believing in yourself. Successful people are never the victim!

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Successful people are not afraid to take risks and new initiatives. Life is all about gambling. You have to stroke boldly! Do not close your mind, dream big, be open to new possibilities and be ready to give up anything to fulfill your goals.

5. Stick with the winners! 

Everyday we are surrounded by a variety of people. Some encourage us and bring joy, and others drain our energy. Being around positive people clears away negativity and creates more room for renewed energy. Positive energy also surrounds us with a supportive and healing space that fosters our growth. Moreover, positive people will help you see that anything is possible. They will encourage you to believe that you can make anything happen if you try hard enough. Hence, this way of thinking can really help you to succeed.

Does is it make sense to you? What do you consider success in your life? Translate your idea of success into actionable goals and it will help you reach it!