Use of Technology Innovation in Logistics


The use of technology is essential in logistics. As demands for supply becoming more demanding, companies must use all means to remain competitive and profitable. Now it has become a race who can provide better service with greater efficiency to keep itself profitable and ongoing. We all have great ideas on how to make the flow of goods more efficiently, but without the right technology to support our means, it will slow down our progress. Read about technological innovations in logistics and how it is affecting the industry.

rfid tags

The following are several means of uses of technology innovation in the present logistics field which making us more effective and beneficial in the transport perspective and supply aspect of logistics.Tracking technology: RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) It is a tracking method that use radio frequency to transfer information and track information through tags that are attached to the Object.  RFID tag in be insert on everyday things such paper currency, everyday clothing items, even our physical body to be track.  This will open a big case into concern in regards to privacy, but we will not get into that. Beside the concern of intrusion into our privacy, this has great benefit in all our fields, as supplier,  purchaser, warehouse, or transporter.

This technology  is a not something new, rather it is an implementation of already existent technology from radio and radar technology. RFID technology has two component, one is carries the information such as tags with information imputed and one reads the tags such as the bar code of the on the product you buy at the supermarket, the bar code would act as the tag, and scanner as the reader, which may reads what on  the bar code to find information such as the price, the isle number, or remaining inventory of that product.  The Idea is one is with information imputed and one will track and read the information.

RFID improve the logistics part supply chain in better managing the where about of the goods. For example, Port managements, steamship line, and distribution centers used this to keep track their inventories or equipment. In the railroad industry, tags are are mounted onto the container  with ID of owner of the equipment, Identifying Place of lading, origin of goods, commodities being transported. this increase transparency and visibility on different level of sector from supplier, transportation provider to custom border protection.  In warehousing, pallets are tags with them, it makes  it literally impossible or to minimize any loss of cargo under such management technology. In supply chain such as supermarket, will tag returnable pallets, cases, plastic rack, so all the inventories are easily accounted for, and they could even input data such as expiration dates, items origin, etc, to better manage on returnable items or replenishing low inventories.

Quadrocopter drone flying in the sky

Automated Fulfillment Center: Amazon uses automated robot to move inventories around their fulfillment warehouse to retrieve from inventories instead of using humans.  Please check out the video of how they do it. See more at:


Upcoming Trend: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos  had unveiled their futuristic plan to have delivery drone, which they are proposing “30 minute delivery drone” Current this still requiring more safety testing and FAA approval.  This will take at least 4-5 years from now.  Through Utilization of technology innovations, past, present or future, it is essential for in logistics for efficiency, and ultimately profitability.