Want to Make Money? Stop Making Excuses!


Excuses are human habits. We make them all the time to cover up failures and not to look bad. Of course, when it comes to money, excuses are a man’s best friends. It’s how we trick ourselves into believing that we are doing okay financially. Let’s take a look at the most common excuses we all have. Mark down which of these you use and replace them with thoughts that enable you rather than limit.

1. I am too young to think about my finances and savings.

It is never too early to think about your financial future. Don’t live from paycheck to paycheck or accumulate mountains of debt. Time is a fast flying beast, and before you know it you will be either sipping a cocktail on a paradise island, or being afraid of the postman delivering monthly bills. Knowing where you want to be in five/ten years from now can help set your priorities in order. After finding yourself, make a plan, and put it into action.

2. You might think that your formal education is not good enough to make you wealthy.

Having great education is a big plus. A lot is possible if you are an Ivy League graduate. However, people who have accomplished great things are not necessarily Harvards and MITs of the world. Just move on with your life and start making things happen. Open your own business. Get a certification. Try and don’t give up. Do something to improve your wealth now, and the roll over effect will take off with opportunities from the directions you never thought of.

3.  Shopping makes me happy. 

I am a girl, and I completely understand this excuse. However, do you really need fifteen pairs of shoes, and fifteen matching purses? Furthermore, how often you just shop out of boredom, or because that’s how you socialize with friends? The world has other things to do. Go hiking, volunteer, visit museums or art galleries. Saving and gaining formula will not only benefit you financially, but also spiritually.

4. I am too afraid to fail 

Don’t confuse failures with mistakes. True failure is in quitting or not learning, everything else is part of the growing process. Look at each mistake as an opportunity to learn something and improve. We must push through our barriers to see what we are truly capable of. You will never know your level of success, if you don’t know how far you can reach.

5.  I don’t know where to start. 

Life is all about a blank sheet of paper in front of you. No one knows where to start, so start where you feel most comfortable. The same is true for wealth generation. At first it will be new, but with each day it will be getting easier and before you know it, this process becomes a second nature for you and you will actually make it as a part of your life which will benefit you in many ways.

6. I don’t know how to earn more money to cover my expenses. 

You don’t know because you were most likely not looking for ways to know. There are thousands of things you can do. First, start with your job. If time ii right ask for promotion, or maybe work few hours overtime in order to increase your earnings. Then look outside. You can work part time while you still have your primary job. Know something others don’t? Consult or tutor. Try and don’t give up.

Did I miss something? Want to add to the list? Please comment. Want to know what your friends would say? Share it on social media. An above all – take a good care of yourself.

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Anna Lunicheva
Anna has a master degree from the State University of Management in Moscow with the specialization in International Logistics. She moved to NYC in 2009 to continue the education in Baruch where she received graduate certificate in International Trade; Export/Import Operations. From that time on she has worked for different NVOCC and joined MTS in January 2013.