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What is known shipper for air cargo?

After September 11,the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) implemented new rules to insure the safety of domestic and international air travel in the United States. Shippers who have been properly vetted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are considered a Known Shipper and may tender their freight for shipment on both passenger and cargo-only aircraft. Any shipper who has not gone through this formal vetting process may ONLY ship freight on cargo-only aircraft and NOT on passenger flights.

Suzan Akkayaoglu
Suzan Akkayaoglu
Suzan was born in New Jersey and raised in Turkey. She moved back to the States after graduating from high school in Turkey, and earned her Bachelors Degree in Economics from Rutgers University. She later attended Mandarin courses at Jilin University, and international relations courses in Columbia University, New York. Suzan has been with MTS Logistics since August 2012, and works in our Sales Department.

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