What Makes a Good Feng Shui House?


In Mandarin Chinese, the word ‘feng’ means wind and the word “shui” means water. As in Chinese superstition both of these words combined is believed to create positive and good energy. That being said, having a good feng shui at your house, is believed to bring happiness and success to your life.

In order to attract strong Feng Shui energy into your house, first you need to be sure your house is surrendered by good Chi. For the very first step, you can begin with checking out the surroundings of your house. See if you can change or improve anything. You might have to do some landscaping or place some feng shui cures outside your house to have a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to your front door.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house by a nice landscape or in an apartment by a crowded street where sunlight is a challenge to catch. Wherever it is that you call it home; it must be a welcoming place for you, starting from the outside look of it.

First, give a glance at outside of your house. Is there a big tree, or any other feature blocking the flow to your front door? Is it too crowded by the entrance? Meaning do you block the pathway yourself with recycling bins, old pots, shoes outside the front door? If so, then you need to take care of that before you change anything inside your house. Move the recycling bins, place your shoes elsewhere. If you see anything that is broken or miss-painted, then try to fix or paint over the walls to make your entrance warm and welcoming.

As you enter your home, you want to create a good first impression. It does not matter how big or small your house is; from a modest side table with a small lamp to a big round table placed in the center of your hallway with a flower-filled vase on top, there are a lot of choices to welcome good Chi into your home. If your space is very limited, even a nice rug with vibrant colors or a beautiful art with strong colors will do the job.

After you make sure you have a clear pathway and a nice entrance you can move to the other rooms at your house. For every room you should create the best energy to support the specific activities intended for that space.

Placing the mirrors. Depending on where you place them, mirrors can bring the best energy or can be a big taboo in Feng shui. A mirror facing the front door is one of the big taboos second one being the mirror facing your bed. The reason placing a mirror facing the front door is not recommended is because it is believed that mirror pushes away all the good energy that is about to enter the house. Therefore, the good energy leaves the house before it can even travel through other rooms. Mirror facing your bed directly is said to deplete your personal energy when you need it the most. Because at night time while you are sleeping your body is doing most of its repair work and that’s when you need your personal energy the most.
Instead place a mirror in the East, Southeast or North areas of your home to bring the water element energy to your home.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Locating your bed. Having a good headboard is the start of good feng shui. If you do not have a headboard for your bed you want to make sure you have a solid wall behind your bed. When you sleep under the window, your personal energy tends to get weaker over time, as it has neither proper support, nor protection.
Organizing your books. You can keep a few books in your room if you read to put yourself to sleep, but too many books can make you feel overwhelmed in the space so try to keep all your books in the office space at your home or if your space is limited put them in a section of your living room. Having a bookshelf above your head by your bed can also bring lots of thoughts in your mind; therefore it might give you hard time to fall asleep at night.

Crystals are very popular in feng shui cure because they bring strong energy from earth. There is a variety of crystals that can be used for feng shui purposes. Most commonly used crystals for feng shui are the faceted lead crystals (Swarovski-type crystals). These can be purchased at bookstores and gift shops, or on-line. More powerful feng shui rock crystals can be purchased in specialty stores. You can also find some natural crystals in new age bookstores.

Lucky bamboos are one of my favorite. I love the looks that they create even when they are placed in a simple vase. They could be a very nice interior design for you room and also bring luck to your home. These bamboos can be purchased at many Asian stores. Numerous flower shops carry bamboo stalks of different heights; you can choose your own pot/container, as well as different rocks to go with your very own design of feng shui lucky bamboo.
Water is an element that will bring in wealth and prosperity. So consider fish tank, aquarium or a water fountain in your home for wealth and prosperity. Almost all the Asian family will have some kind of water element in their living house.

Last but not least, be sure to treat your home well. Start with keeping your home clutter free. Trust me; in a messy house you will find it harder to concentrate on your plans, therefore it will take longer time for you to finish up your work. Additionally as a common sense air out your rooms daily and make sure your house sees the sunlight or use candles once in a while to create nice scent.

If you have any questions about where to find some of these feng shui elements I suggest you simply visit Chinatown. It is a fun place to visit and I can assure you that you will find almost anything you want there!