Yara Birkeland, The World’s First Electric Autonomous Cargo Ship, Has Landed

Photo Credit: Kongsberg.com / Key Facts Sheet

There is big news in the future of greener shipping this morning: Yara Birkeland, the world’s first electric and autonomous cargo ship, has landed.

Due to the fight against climate change, there are great changes in many sectors. The maritime industry, which causes significant carbon emissions, is trying to keep up with this change.

Now a big step has been taken in this regard. The world’s first fully electric, autonomous cargo ship has landed in Norway. The new zero-emissions and future-oriented ship was named Yara Birkeland. The ship recently made its maiden voyage from the town of Horten to the capital city of Oslo.

According to statements, this ship was produced with the joint work of a chemical company named Yara and a marine technology company named Kongsberg. According to officials, Yara Birkeland will transport supplies from the city of Prosgrunn in Norway to nearby areas, eliminating the need for diesel-powered vehicles. For this reason, significant reductions in nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will be seen.

In addition, Yara Birkeland is 80 meters long, works with a 6mWh battery pack, can reach a maximum speed of 28 kilometers per hour, and can carry a weight of up to 3,200 tons.

1,000 tons of carbon emissions will be prevented.

In his statements, Yara CEO Svein Tore Holsether said, “We are proud to launch the world’s first fully electric and autonomous cargo ship.” Adding, “This ship will prevent 1,000 tons of carbon emissions per year and replace 40,000 diesel powered vehicles.”

Noting that Yara Birkeland is scheduled to start its official voyages in 2022, officials also stated that the ship will go through a two-year test process to obtain an autonomous vehicle certificate.