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A Happy Ending for the Dog Trapped Inside a Shipping Container at the Port of Houston

Although we are all used to hearing negative stories in the news, today, we report a positive development in the world of shipping: a dog was rescued from the inside of a shipping container in the U.S. at a Texas port complex.

“Connie the Container Dog”

The friendly pup, named “Connie the Container Dog” by enthusiasts and government officials alike, was rescued from the massive Port of Houston complex in Texas. The rescue came after the dog was likely trapped for over a week in a standard-sized 20-foot shipping container.

Had Connie the Container Dog not been saved on the day she was, she likely would have died. However, dogs and other animals have shown a remarkable ability to survive harsh conditions and long periods of times away from typical care/healthy environments, and the shipping container was no exception.

How was the pup found?

During a routine container inspection, following the same procedures as is typical for the port officials, U.S. Coast Guard inspectors found Connie the Container dog. The inspectors had heard barking and other movement inside a particular container. The container was over 25 feet in the air and had to be maneuvered. The heroic Coast Guard officials include Bryan Wainscott, Ryan McMahon, Jose Reyes, and Lucas Loe.

According to animal control, Connie the Container Dog will now be housed at an animal shelter until she can be adopted by her forever parents. It is likely she became trapped in the shipping container after a shipment of scrap metal from totaled cars was shipped.

All of us at More Than Shipping are very pleased that the “sweet girl”, as Connie the Container Dog was described by port officials, is safe and on her way to a new safer life.


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