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The Freight Forwarder’s Era: The Top Advantages of Working with a Freight Forwarder

Let’s start with some definitions of what a freight forwarder is. A freight forwarder is a person or company that coordinates and organizes the movement of shipments on behalf of a shipper by partnering with carriers who transport cargo by ships, airplanes, trucks, and railroads.

Freight forwarders are a middle ground between a freight broker and a third-party logistics company.

The freight forwarding world is evolving, driven by global economic changes, technological advancements, and consumer expectations. I have the opportunity to work with the best in the logistics industry, having been on both the Carrier and NVOCC sides of the business. In this article, we define five advantages that will transform the future of freight forwarding.

1. Expertise of Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are well-versed in the knowledge of how to handle the customs regulations and documentation for your international shipments. We ensure that every consignment complies with the specific rules of each country, reducing the risk of delays or customs-related issues.

A freight forwarder ensures the accuracy of your duties and taxes applicable to any cargo. The experience in tariff rates, classification, and valuation helps avoid overpaid duties.

2. More Capacity and Cost Reduction

A freight forwarder can develop several relationships and partnerships with all the carriers in the industry. How is this an advantage you may be thinking, since the customer can go and work with the carrier directly, right? Well, a freight forwarder negotiates rates on your behalf, knowing the market. Plus, for example, we say a single customer can move around 500 containers a year, but a freight forwarder with a healthy roster of customers can move 100,000 containers a year. This also allows carriers to consider a freight forwarder as one of their top customers. This allows more allocation as a booking agent, having prices that are more accessible, too.

Having more capacity as a freight forwarder will present the most competitive offer to the customer, always considering the shipper’s needs, requirements, and goals.

3. Easier International Shipping

When it is time to move your cargo, your concern is always in your product. A freight forwarder counts on a team of experts and partnerships to handle high-volume capacity, whether you are a small or medium commercial manufacturer. Having the know-how of international logistics rules, a freight forwarder knows what documents they need, and they can prepare them for you and give you a better rate on transportation costs. Ultimately, every business needs to do what is best for its own needs, but in most cases, freight forwarders are the best options to have with you, with better flexibility and fewer headaches.

4. Commitment

For freight forwarders, we look for a long-lasting partnership with all our customers. Knowing that there are hundreds of options for freight forwarders for a customer to choose from, our commitment is to the customer’s needs, making them feel that we will solve any problem they encounter with their supply chain. At the same time, our commitment goes two ways, with our partners working with the biggest carriers in the industry. This helps to get the best networking of affiliates, which is crucial to optimize cost efficiency.

5. Add Value to Your Business

Finally, a freight forwarder is reliable. Freight forwarders will ensure your cargo is handled from A to Z, door-to-door counting, with the industry’s best and most professional operational team. It will be efficient. Using the modern technology offered by freight forwarders, such as MTS Logistics, covers all the tasks, giving you extra time to dedicate yourself to your business. We can best add value to your company by creating this new atmosphere of the freight forwarder era. Customers, shippers, and suppliers trust that their cargo is secure and will be delivered on time.


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