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The Port of Chancay, Under Construction in Peru, Hopes to Be a Game-Changer for Asia Trade

A massive port is under construction in the city of Chancay, located close to Lima, the capital of Peru.

The port aims to enhance South America’s trade potential and meet the vast population needs of China. Construction of the Chancay Port Terminal began in 2019 and is targeted for completion by the end of 2024. Once finished, the terminal, equipped with four docks, will have an annual handling capacity of 1 million TEUs, transforming it into a significant transportation and logistics hub for South America.

Who’s behind the project?

Behind this significant project is COSCO, a Chinese state-owned company and one of the world’s largest shipping companies. The construction of this port aims to reduce the distance between China and South America by two weeks. COSCO pledges to reduce shipping times from South America to Asia by 10 days or more using automation and cutting-edge digital technology. The company is constructing a smart port that eliminates stops in the U.S. and Mexico. Consequently, ports such as Long Beach, California, which are currently part of the 35-day route, will no longer be significant. After the port’s opening, the travel time from Chancay to Shanghai will be reduced to just 20 days.

What are the specs of the new Port Terminal at Chancay?

According to Mario Eduardo De Las Casas, Corporate Relations Manager of COSCO, this port will be Peru’s first publicly accessible port on the Pacific Ocean. With a depth of approximately 18 meters, the port will be capable of accommodating ships 400 meters long and 60 meters wide, with an 18,000-container capacity. Chancay Port Terminal, set to be the deepest port in Latin America, will present Peru with a range of commercial connectivity opportunities. This logistics hub, offering a significant opportunity for strengthening commercial relations with countries like India, China, Japan, and South Korea, will embrace an environmentally-friendly approach with equipment technology powered by electricity.

The Chancay Port Terminal will be a multipurpose port capable of handling various types of cargo. Its foundational infrastructure consists of three main components:

1. Port Operating Area

The Port Operating Area is the primary zone where port activities will take place, encompassing docks, breakwaters, maritime entrance channels, bulk and roll-on/roll-off container storage areas, maintenance zones, and workshops. Located in the northwest part of the project area, it includes the Punta Chancay massif, the surrounding maritime area, the bay extending eastwards, and the maritime zone extending south of Punta Chancay.

2. Entrance Complex

The Entrance Complex includes the vehicular foreport, entrance gates to the terminal, customs inspection area, administrative offices, and logistics and support service areas. It is situated to the east of the operational zone at a distance of approximately 2 kilometers.

3. Underground Viaduct Tunnel

Connecting the entrance complex with the port operating area, the underground viaduct tunnel is 1.8 kilometers long and serves as a segregated and exclusive road corridor for cargo transit related to port operations. It features three vehicular lanes, two conveyor belts for solid bulks, and multi-product pipelines for liquid bulks.


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