Coming soon: Alternative Clean Transportation 2012 (U.S.)


From May 15 to May 17, Long Beach Convention Center welcomes the 2nd edition of the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, which exhibits alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies.

This cutting-edge exposition gathered around 1700 participants last year, including 300 exhibitors. This industry is quite new to the market and has had impressive growth. We advise all fleet managers, procurement specialists, sea freight forwarders and green-minded logistics service professionals to attend, so as to become familiar with these brand new technologies. You will be able to build on business relationships in the field so don’t miss the “train” of green transportation!

Event Description
ACT Expo is North America’s most important alternative fuels and clean vehicles conference and expo, representing all alternative fuel types (electric, hybrid, renewable fuel, gas, propane). ACT Expo showcases the latest developments in advanced clean vehicle technologies, and provides a forum for policy and regulation updates as well as sharing best practices to support the increased deployment of such technologies. You can visit the Expo Hall, network with potential buyers and sellers as well as develop your knowledge of those technologies. A set of conferences has been organized with the purpose of highlighting a fuel-neutral array of alternative fuel and clean vehicle technology options across all weight classes (from regular passenger cars to heavy duty equipment). Furthermore, an interesting executive-level conference will deal with investment strategies for an alternative fuel future.

Clean Transportation: What’s New?
A revolution has occurred in the logistics service industry. For the past few years, green logistics has become a keyword in all professionals’ mouths. Customer pressure, cost-reduction constraints and favorable policies have generated a real boom in the field of green transportation. Cities are completely rethinking public transportation systems, taking into consideration new technologies. Businesses are also not resting, as many companies have clearly stated that reducing their carbon footprint is on their board of directors’ agenda. Consequently, the movement is increasing, from the simple electric vehicle, for which battery life has been a headache for manufacturers, to complex hybrid or propane application-specific vehicles.

ACT Expo is a must-attend expo for fleet managers and logistics service professionals who want to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Green transportation is one aspect of green logistics.


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