Count on Spring


Just this past weekend the oh so familiar jingle of Mr. Frosty cruised by my Queens neighborhood. Forget the delight in a cone and tasty rainbow sprinkles, the famous big white truck most significantly hauls in a fresh beginning. This time of year brings to mind a variety of thoughts for everyone, for me in particular I think about the smell of crisp fresh air, sight of bright colors and the beautiful gleam of the sun seeping through my bedroom window. I love spring, everything happening around me and the inspiration that it plants in people.

As the new season nears, here are a few things to look forward to and to take into consideration for leaving your winter “rut” behind.

• No need to Long for Longer days:
Thanks to Day Light Savings in the United States, we have a more productive day ahead. We are awake and able to do more when the sun is out, so motivation is definitely on the horizon. During winter I could easily confuse 6PM for 9PM thinking there is no more time left in my day to do things that I usually prefer to do during the daytime like getting some grocery shopping in or just taking a walk.

• Indulge in the Warmer Weather:
With the favorable weather, consider the outdoors more often, especially since you will not be freezing your toes off. Outdoor movie screenings, picnics in parks, sports activities all this can keep you active and social, providing that peaceful and mental break we all need from time to time. My dogs, for example, also enjoy the fact that this time of the year consists of more numerous and longer walks for them. Plus, let’s not forget Baseball season kicking off in April (you didn’t think I would go on about spring without mentioning America’s favorite past-time did you). Go catch a game. If you are not into the game being there could be entertaining within itself, the sights, the crowd, the food is sure to be fun.

• Take the Easy Road for Healthy Habits:
Get out more. Walk more. Get more sun. The dullness of winter keeps most of us, especially in areas of cold climates, in a type of hibernation for months. Not only does this prevent us from getting more fresh air and exercise but it keeps us from obtaining the Vitamin D our body needs. Sure we can get it from certain foods (very few I might add), but there is no better way than from the source itself, sunlight. No wonder we are usually happier and more energized in the spring, the Vitamin D is giving us that extra boost to do all the things we want and need to do on a regular basis.

• Absorb the Colors
There is no doubt that the environmental scenery becomes ten times more beautiful when flowers are blooming and trees are no longer naked. This definitely helps to put me in a better mood. Plus it gives me the initiative to want to readily reflect that beauty and color into my home and attire. Thinking about redecorating, painting your living room a nice hue of yellow or simply cleaning out what the hoarder in you gathered all winter? Well hop to it. Then of course there is the closet. Personally around this time I try to stray away from the blacks, whites and neutral tones that I wear during the grey winter and I bring back the corals, sky blues, purples etc. that I tucked away in the fall. Vibrant colors and surroundings are sure to reflect on your day.

• Take a Leap:
Lastly, you remember all those things you’ve been meaning to do, like learning to paint, taking that salsa class or training for the marathon. Use spring as a jumping off point. I know I will in my own way. Remember that it’s never too late to take on new hobbies and habits and to drop undesirable ones.

Think of this part of the year with blooming new opportunities. Just open the window and air out your life in any way you’d like.