Does Your Business Need The Services Of An International Freight Forwarder For NY?


If you have a business in either New York City or anywhere in New York State and that business generates a physical product that you need to sell, then, you have to make the product available to your customers before they can buy it from you. If nobody buys, then you have no business. Find out if you need the services of an international freight forwarder to help your business grow.

If Your Buyers Do Not Get Your Product, Your Business Stops

It may be that your business model stops at opening a store and convincing potential customers to come to you and make their purchases. Possibly, you are more ambitious and seek a wider market for your product(s). Or, it could be that the product is not really suitable for selling out of a store. Either way, you will need to do something about getting your product to your customers (wherever they might be).This is known as shipping and your product becomes freight in shipment. This terminology is constant regardless of the means used to transport your product (road, rail, air or boat/ship on river, canal or ocean). Organizing freight shipment is known as logistics and you might choose to set up your own logistics department or, alternatively, sub-contract all or part of it to a specialist logistics company.


Once your business starts trying to penetrate export markets, the delivery logistics get more complex. Ideally, you should be prepared for the additional logistical steps required before you even close your first export order.

Orders usually grow out of quotations given against enquiries and there is always a bottom line. To the potential buyer, the bottom line is – “how much is it going to cost him to get his hands on your product and how quickly you can get them from New York and into his place?”

Your bottom line is how much profit you will make on the deal. But, you should also be thinking of winning customer satisfaction so as to gain repeat orders. If your quote bluntly states that the price is firm so long as the buyer comes to your place and collects the goods, you need to ask yourself how realistic is such an attitude?

Seek The Help Of Experts

Even at the quotation stage, you would be well advised to consult an International Freight Forwarder For NY. They can advise you on best transport methods to your customer’s destination as well as formalities and arrangements that have to be completed. And, of course, they can put a price on all these steps. You can then decide whether to add it all in to your selling price or itemize each cost separately so that the customer knows what he actually has to pay when buying from you.

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