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Maersk Launches an Online Air Freight Tool Aimed at Changing the Industry

Maersk, one of the biggest ocean carriers and global leaders in integrated container logistics, has just launched a brand new innovative online air freight tool tailored to meet the needs of Indian shippers/customers.

In a press release, Maersk outlined the new service. This digital solution, which is available on, offers a user-friendly platform for shippers to book their air cargo requirements efficiently and quickly, all in the palm of your hand. The tool provides fast quotes for up to 70,000 connections between nearly all key airports worldwide, empowering customers to schedule cargo movement for a wide range of airport pairs across the globe.

Maersk’s vast air freight coverage includes 70,000 airport pairs in over 90 countries, with understandable logistics solutions that make cargo movement to and from 80% of India’s postal/ZIP codes comprehensible and, to some extent, relatively easy to handle. This extensive reach is supported by a robust hinterland distribution network, enabling end-to-end pick-up and delivery services.

This digital platform saves time and effort for shippers, being efficiency its main goal.

Quotes can be processed and approved fast, enabling the shipper for better planning and rapid decision-making. As noted above, its extensive coverage of 70,000 airports facilitates cargo movement. Most importantly, shippers/customers do not need to be physically present at either origin or destination to book their cargo, paving the way for the future.
The latter was a point driven by Darryl Judd, who is the Regional Head of Air Freight for Maersk in the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa. He noted that the digital air freight solution caters to the evolving needs of modern manufacturing along with the emphasis of the tool’s ability to seamlessly facilitate bookings for customers involved in global value chains. The power of technology growing into this industry will only continue from this point forward.

Eventually, this tool will be available for various countries in the world, as this is an objective Maersk has set for themselves.

They continue to cultivate innovation in the logistics industry by offering tailored solutions for every specific requirement of shippers and customers in India and beyond.


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