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Temporary Passage Allowing Essential Vessels into the Port of Baltimore Being Cleared

In what would be a major boost for shippers and marine traffic, workers are working around the clock to clear a portion of the Francis Scott Key Bridge to allow essential vessel traffic to pass through.

The first major part of the bridge is being removed around-the-clock. Once fully removed, it will allow for a temporary passage for essential ships. Additionally, it will allow rescue efforts in the water to resume.

The U.S. Coast Guard is leading efforts to remove the bridge and continue the search, while opening up the waterway that leads to one of the busiest ports in the U.S. At the moment, part of the northern side of the bridge is in the process of being removed, per the Coast Guard.

No timeline yet for a temporary passage

U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, worked the Sunday news shows yesterday, emphasizing that a timeline for the temporary passageway to be cleared and completed is not yet available.

As part of the removal efforts, a huge 1,000 ton capacity crane has been erected with another, smaller crane on the way. The effort to fully remove portions of the downed bridge will be a long and arduous process, certain to take months or even years.

Once more wreckage is cleared, a temporary channel will be established on the northeast side of the waterway. It will be well-lit with navigational assistance.

The temporary channel will be on the northeast side of the main channel and will be marked with government lighted aids to navigations when it opens, the release said.

A difficult recovery effort for the victims

With the fallen bridge having collapsed into pieces with steel and concrete, removal efforts to recover the bodies of victims who passed by as a result of the disaster are delayed due to dangerous conditions. The wreckage of the bridge is difficult to navigate underwater.

As more portions of the wreckage are removed, searchers will look for the victims’ remains underwater.

We will continue to keep our readers informed of developments as workers work around the clock to establish the passageway for essential vessel traffic and jumpstart the economy surrounding the port.


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